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Why Learning Hypnosis Is A Waste Of Time

Posted by admin on 25 January 2009

One very famous hypnotist, one whose name I shall not mention recently said a very shocking and controversial statement. Hypnosis doesn’t work at all. He mentions that the media has painted a very pretty picture of hypnosis, through movies and pulp fictions combined with a healthy dose of urban myth – making people believe that it is a one stop solution for everyone’s problems, that a good hypnosis can reach down into the mind, control it and pull out all the bad things in the subject.

While he did say that no one can hypnotise another, the process of hypnotism is really the subject hypnotising themselves and placing themselves in a suggestible frame of mind. What this means that all hypnosis can really do is create a general frame of mind where messages can be inserted into the consciousness of the subject. The problem that many have with this is that for the longest time, there was no measurable return, the effects of hypnotism were general at best and a large population of people who actually did undergo hypnotherapy reported modest gains – and some even when back to their bad habits after a while.

The disclaimer is always that ‘it doesn’t work for everyone’ and if that is the case, why bother with it at all when you are going into something that is doubtful in the first place? No one can truly say that the messages being transplanted directly into the mind during the sessions have any effect at all and that psychologists have actually said that it is the mental state of the person that does all the work. They want to believe that the hypnotism works and they want to believe that the hypnotist has the power – and thus you get self suggestion at its best. It may work for a few days depending on the will power of the person, but it eventually fades away.

Furthermore, there is the dark side of hypnosis when you are left in a vulnerable state for the unscrupulous to pick your mind of valuable information or leave messages inside that makes you do things you would not normally do. But I digress. Hypnosis is a blunt tool especially in the face of discoveries like brain frequency patterns, brainwave entrainment, biofeedback and magnetic field induction as methods that are use to control and reprogram the subconscious, as well as induce states of super thinking and super learning (and healing) within the brain.

These new technologies are backed by close to 200 years of medical and scientific research and its applications reach as high as treating pain of cancer, mental disorders and even mental degradation. It is also used on children to treat AD/ADHD and other forms of disorders like autism.

Only recently has the technology of brainwave entrainment repackaged into a for that is consumer friendly but loses none of the exact science that has made it so popular. It is measurable, tangible and researchable while hypnosis is a vagary of lore – something of a blunt instrument when it comes to personal development. This is why learning hypnosis is a waste of time.

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