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Why Hypnosis Techniques Cannot Compare To Brainwave Entrainment

Posted by admin on 25 March 2009

The hypnosis hype has actually died down in the last few years; there are fewer and fewer hypnosis shows on the television and they did not use to take as much centrestage as it used to on prime time. That was one of the problems of hypnosis techniques, because there was a lot of tinsel town attached to it. In all the lights, accessories and glamour that came with hypnosis, people slowly started to doubt its integrity as an actual method of mid control because it was attached with entertainment and the special effects and subjectivity of the video camera. In the end of it all, hypnosis began a muddy rockslide down towards disbelief.

Hypnosis as a method is really quite a blunt tool when you compare it to brainwave entrainment, because of the fact that it is a single method mechanism that claims to be able to heal every aspect of the subconscious and the conscious mind. There is a need to understand that the subconscious mind is actually extremely complex in the sense that no one tool of relaxation and message bombardment can adequately dissect its nuances and bend it towards your will.

What you need are more delicate hands that can assure a higher level of success like brainwave entrainment. With hypnotism, the subject is placed in a state of relaxation and this because of this, the subconscious is now in a state of hyper persuasion, which allows for the hypnotist to insert positive messages, bombard the subject with these stimuli so that it can be ingrained in his subconscious mind at all times.

This is a more of a hit and miss method than anything else because there is no way to measure whether or not the subject is in a state of hyper persuasion or if he is even relaxed at all in the first place. It also assumes that hypnosis is a cure all methods for all the body’s and mind’s ailments.

You do not just take one pill to solve all your problems, that is just not done. You need specific solutions for specific problems, and in that way you can target, compartmentalise your issues and attack them one by one. This is the very thing that brainwave technology does through its use of dispersed frequency variation binaural beats that induce an invoked cortical response within the brain and forces it to fire its neurons in an electromagnetic burst.

This burst is the corresponding frequency to that of any of the solutions you want to present to your brain. From gaining better mental focus, ridding yourself of a phobia or even just wanting to enjoy a deep level of reaction; brainwave entrainment technology is the godsend of people wanting an all in one solution to their personal development problems that is not as general and ineffective as hypnosis techniques.

So you see, if you’re looking for ways on how to recondition your mind into a more positive state, don’t take the risk of dabbling in an unreliable method like hypnosis. The fate of your mind should be left in the care of something scientifically proven, and if you’re really serious in wanting to turn your life around, try brainwave entrainment technology.

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