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Why Brainwave Entrainment Works Better Than Hypnosis Techniques

Posted by admin on 25 January 2008

Hypnosis is something I would call the great ‘stab in the dark’ technique because people who do practice it are going into the brain without a map, nor a compass to guide them to where they should be going. The brain is a mysterious place, and in the five thousand years of enlightenment, modern science has only been able to fathom about 10 – 15% of the power of the brain.

This accounts for a small fraction of what the brain is capable of and sometimes when we think about it, the potential of what we can do is really quite frightening. Brainwave entrainment works better than hypnosis techniques because hypnosis techniques are blunt, over generalised and its applications are unfounded. It places a message or regressive signals within the subconscious without realising certain things – is the person in the state of hypnosis, really in the state of hypnosis itself? There are many levels of ‘unconsciousness’, and the state that hypnosis tries to get to is very specific.

Furthermore, nobody can be really sure whether the subconscious is even brought to bear; it could still be very well locked away in a torrent of psychology that isn’t taken into account. Hypnotism is a mind field – where sometimes dreams, past regressions and even flashbacks can overcome the session, rendering whatever messages that should be implanted useless.

A better method has been around for quite a long time and it is called, as mentioned before, brainwave entrainment, which is the specific science of inducing the brain to produce specific electromagnetic frequencies – the very same frequencies that can tune to the brain to a specific state. A little history on the matter; science has discovered that the brain exists in several different frequency states – ranging from beta to theta states.

The brain uses neurons to directly communicate signals internally as well as to the rest of the body. When there is massive activity, it is able to be detected on sensitive electromagnetic equipment. Science has tracked the different frequency states and linked them to areas of super learning or super brain functions. The use of the word super here is not totally exaggerated – subjects have found that their brain capacity and functions almost double when in these states. Hypnosis is not an exact science and it is not aware of the frequency states that it induces, as well as having no measurable way to define what state the brain is in, whether or not the messages are getting through or whether the subject is responding to it at all. Add to that an industry of entertainers and bogus testimonials with no measurable variables of success and you get something that you can easily give a miss.

Why place your brain in the hands of a simpleton’s tool when you have the delicate wares necessary to pick the brain apart and better your life. This is why brainwave entrainment works better than hypnosis techniques and this is why you should not even consider the rudimentary over the advanced.

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