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What Brainwave Entrainment Can Do For You

Posted by admin on 18 November 2008

Many, many wonderful things. That is the emphatic answer you shall receive as you read this article and the truth behind this is well documented both offline and online, in consumer circles as well as the medical profession. Personal development is the key to anyone’s success and can make the difference that could even save lives. What brainwave entrainment can do for you is unlock the true potential of YOU and ensure that you get out the maximum enjoyment and benefits out of life. It’s possible for you to seize the day, reach out and grab the world with a mental strength that will undoubtedly astound you.

Anyone’s brain is capable of learning, thinking and operating in a capacity of up to ten times what we normally use on a daily basis. This is because we as humans are not trained to use the true potential of our cerebrums and focus into a singular purpose, our minds, so that we can excel at anything. This is true of children, students, working adults and patients in the medical industry. If we could, things would be done faster and everyone will have a better life.

But this isn’t the case. Our mind is cluttered with the stress of the world and it is directly affecting our subconscious mind which then translates all of this into things like depression, a bad outlook, horrible mental states, negative attitudes and even zero desire to achieve anything. It can cause us to be bad tempered and give up whatever we do easily.

We need to reprogram our subconscious away from this negativity and of course bring out the best in our brains. This can be achieved through meditation, which brings about a mental state that is relaxed and poised for some serious programming. The electromagnetic waves being produced by the brain at this stage is called the alpha stage, or even the theta state – stages that are apt for learning and reprogramming. Not all of us are experts at this and to achieve this deep state of sleep-wakefulness is a challenge in itself.

This is where technology steps in and the power of brainwave entrainment introduces itself. Utilising either magnetic fields (from machines) or audio signals called binaural beats weaved into a sound file on a CD or digital format – it can induce the brain into different brainwave states – ranging from alpha all the way to theta. Each has its on application – optimum states for super learning, high intelligence, extreme creativity, emotional buoyancy etc. We trick the mind and soothe it into a deep meditative state and the brainwaves and entrained – brought about by cleverly designed sound wave frequencies as well as magnetic fields lightly passed over certain parts of the brain.

The technology is readily available online and joins other forms of brain enhancements like biofeedback and autogenics. It is simply amazing what we can do once we have FULL control over our brain. Remember, our brain and all its trappings determine the functions of your mind, body and soul – don’t let it run away from you.

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