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Using The Hidden Power Of The Human Mind To Achieve Your Goals

Posted by admin on 23 January 2009

Instead of just making vague promises to yourself, why not actually pen down your goals on a piece of paper and put down a specific time line for each. There are no compromises when it comes to self improvement and every effort should be expended when it comes to making a better life for yourself. Forget the past failures, forget the times when you were just not able to achieve your goals. Never should there be a need to hide in a corner and let the shame overcome you, and you should no longer let the feeling of guilt and discontent whenever a goal you have so fervently promised yourself to achieve has slipped away again get to you. Science has come along and given us a life raft to reach our destinations. Through technology like brainwave entrainment, we are now able to take hold of ourselves – using the hidden power of the human mind to achieve goals.

The mind is a very powerful thing indeed and I am sure that you do not know the true potential of the very thing that is holding you back. Ironic isn’t it that the one thing that can liberate us form the cycle of failures is the same thing that is steering us to places we should not be going in the first place.

This is because we have let our mind run away from us and we should be looking to regain control of our mind and using its power for positive gains. Brainwave entrainment technology has arrived to just that and the methods are easy, effective and easily affordable. Science has discovered that the brain operates in specific frequency states – in different times of the day. From wakefulness to a deep sleep, the brain changes its neuron electromagnetic signal distribution, the chemical reactions of the brain get slower or faster depending on what we are doing and what was discovered through complicated and sensitive machinery is that the brain operates at a ‘super state’ when it is in different frequency modes.

A low Alpha state frequency (one that ranges from 8Hhz to 12Hz) is associated with relaxation, a relief of stress, an improvement of the body’s immune system and a time when the brain is optimised for accelerated learning. Using differing frequency sounds that are inaudible to the human ear and engineering these sounds into a CD of relaxing sounds, science has been able to use these low range frequency sounds introduced to the ears to invoke a cortical reaction deep inside the brain which forces it to evoke the specific Alpha frequencies. You now have full control of your brain and when you need the power of super learning all you need to do is plug in the CD, relax and then start studying.

Now imagine if we can do it for everything we need, better focus, increased creativity, meditation, improved sleep patterns, healing and even pushing more blood to the brain. With brainwave entrainment, you can!

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