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Unleash Your Subconscious Mind Power With Entrainment Technology

Posted by admin on 20 January 2009

The subconscious mind lives and operates in the mind beneath and way out of the range of the conscious mind. The term was coined by the French in the early 1800’s and they discovered that there lay in the brain a separate form of conscious that was linked tightly to the various functions in the cerebrum. The subconscious has been central in the philosophy of the mind, and how the mind and the body act as a single and sometimes separate unit. The mind is the hive, the controlling agent that uses electrical impulses through the various lobes in the brain that commands the bodily functions, personality traits – basically the soul and spirit of the human race.

Early forms of civilisation realised but did not get a real grasp of the subconscious mind – it was an unexplained almost religious experience for those who were able to easily slip into trances or train their mind and body to be as one in a state of meditation. Even then, they realised its latent power to free the mind from the shackles of the body and achieve a state of ‘higher consciousness’.

This state was in actual fact a state where the subconscious mind was open – akin to the deep state of sleep wakefulness – the very time when one can focus and bend the subconscious to their will. The subconscious mind is the soldier of the mind; it takes instructions from the conscious mind and the sensory systems experiences of visual, auditory, and other forms of stimulation.

These stimulations then proceed to insert messages directly into the subconscious mind and thus who we are; our behaviour, our attitudes and all our foibles are brought to being. The subconscious shapes who we are, what we do and how we react to situations. If you have ever noticed that the same sort of fear when you get before you go up and do a public speech. The fear response is what the subconscious tells your body to do – whenever it comes near a situation where certain events are brought to bear.

If it seems automatic and out of control, it is because it is how the subconscious mind reacts – and to change this, you must fight fire with fire. Previously no one had the means to reach into the subconscious nor had they the practice to just submerge themselves into a meditative almost hypnotic state. With brainwave entrainment, even the average person is able to hold that power in their hands.

The ability to reprogram our mind means that we can take control of our own lives and kick the bad habits and bad personality traits that have been ruling our lives, ruining our health and steering us away from any form of success that we wish to achieve.

Brainwave entrainment, with all its forms and all its technology is the answer that humanity is looking for – the key that has revolutionized the industry of self and personal development. Failure is no longer an option nor a possible outcome of any sort of development program and you can achieve anything once you unleash your subconscious mind power with entrainment technology.

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