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Training The Subconscious Mind To Attract Wealth

Posted by admin on 12 November 2008

Wealth is all about success, but not many of us have the kind of luck necessary to be born extremely rich or come across millions by chance. Most of us have to work to that goal, weed out opportunities, make the right friends and find that X factor. The adage ‘work smart’ has more use in the day and age where technology is the third arm of everyone, we can’t live without it and if we use it wisely, we just might make a tidy sum. But what is holding us back? Drive, ambition, purpose, creativity – life gives them out in measured doses, and sometimes not when we want them as well. We have to produce them ourselves, from the factory that is our brain. How? Well read on as this article deals with training the subconscious mind to attract wealth.

The subconscious mind is the most underutilised and mysterious aspect of the human mind. We don’t think much about it and most of us don’t know how it works. It takes instruction from the brain’s conscious mind’s interpretation drawn from the five senses. What we see, hear, do, act and experience translates into electric pulses of information that determine how we react to situations, our overall mental state, our behaviours and our attitudes. It is the general that commands us in our waking and sleeping state and most of us have no control over it.

What we need to do is to train our subconscious to listen to us. We need to achieve a state when it is accessible and in a perfect state for reprogramming. The new code that we insert into it will then be cascaded down into the rest of all our body’s emotional and physical functions. And voila! We have with us a new man or woman, ready to take on the world with new found vigour, ambition and happiness – and even supercharged intelligence.

How is it done? Succinctly put, the brain produces electromagnetic waves, fired by neurons deep in the cerebrum that instruments can measure as frequencies. Certain frequencies and certain ranges have been linked with states of acute learning, acute relaxation, sharpened mental focus and one that even allows us to enter a meditative state and reprogramme our mind. Now we can’t call on these frequencies at will, but science has found several ways that we can. A music file programmed with engineered sound called binaural beats trigger a cortical response in the brain to emit specific frequencies. Biofeedback and autogenics are similar methods that achieve the same results. Equipment that imbues magnetic fields over the cortex is able to relax and relinquish control of the subconscious back to us. Even different forms of yoga can achieve some of these results.

As you can see, there are many ways for us to train the subconscious attract wealth. If we can just reboot and refresh ourselves, gain higher states of intelligence and creativity, extreme ambition and a drive for success, we can attain our goals that much easier and better confidence will naturally be a magnet for wealth potential. The possibilities are endless.

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