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The Wonders Of Binaural Beats

Posted by admin on 07 May 2009

 One Heinrich Wilhelm Dove could be considered the father of binaural beats, having discovered them way back in 1839. Research on binaural beats followed soon after that and to where it is today in the scientific and personal development industry, the technology and the issues around it remained somewhat of a scientific obscurity until 134 years later, when one Gerald Oster published an article entitled “Auditory Beats in the Brain” (Scientific American, 1973).

Oster’s article was a landmark one. It sought to rediscover the wonders of binaural beats and through his exhaustive research, identified and assembled the lost sands of research that had been lost and left behind since Dove, offering fresh scientific insight, coupled with great laboratory evidence on the applications and tremendous potential of binaural beats.

What followed suit was a rediscovery on the use of binaural beats as an effective tool as a diagnostic and cognitive research as well into the areas of neurological development. At first, it was used to mainly discover the hidden secrets of the animal kingdom and how the animals located sound and how they focused on sound that was sometimes even beyond human ranges of hearing.

At first, when the attention of the benefits of these beats was turned to the human subject, it was a medical presumption that they would be used as a diagnostic tool for medical research into either brain impairments or mental developmental disorders. It was then discovered that the actual sensation or recognition of these beats appeared to have originated from the superior olivary nucleus of the brain, which meant it was within the cortical of the brain stem.

With this discovery, it was then that the term frequency following response was coined, when it was found that the cortical of the brain had the ability to control the billions of neurons within the cerebrum to fire in tandem an electromagnetic frequency capable of achieving superior functions of the brain that normally would not be available for self utilization.

What happens during the process of brainwave entrainment through the use of binaural beats is that certain parts of the brain that are either inert or not activated are then called upon. These frequencies allow these sections of the brain to come alive and thus give the end user accelerated functions that they would not normally have.

While this technology is contentious and there has been some conflicting scientific research on this, it has been proven by peer reviews and research studies that binaural beats work to a tee. Users who have been subjected to the therapy with visual stimulation and affirmation have noted that they experienced an almost euphoric perception of themselves and are able to attack problems with more zest. They also indicate better performance and a better tendency towards retaining information.

The various frequency ranges range from delta to gamma, in order of lowest to highest frequency ranges and have associations with meditation, accelerated healing, mental focus and high levels of creativity; just to name a few. These are just some of the wonders of binaural beats.

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