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The Truth About Hypnosis And Why It May Not Always Work

Posted by admin on 23 March 2009

Hypnosis is the power of mental suggestion, used in accordance with a subject whom is in a trance like state. How this trance like state is induced is called the audio and visual therapy, which can be a combination of sound and the verbal dialogue of the hypnotist itself. While the popular belief is that people who are subjected to the process of hypnotism are often ‘under’ and not aware, that is not true. The thing is, subjects who are placed under the control of the hypnotists often experiences a heightened form of pre consciousness, more focused attention (which is why they can follow the instructions of the hypnotist to the letter) and a heightened state of suggestibility.

The reason why it may not always work is down to a few reasons and one of them includes the fact that even under the state of hypnosis, the process of will power, memory, rational thought and critical thinking still play a major part within the trance like state. This means that although the person is under, there is still a part of his real awareness that is there, and his sub conscious is not muted so much so it has been awakened. This leads to a single defining conclusion; nobody can be forced to do something that they do not want to do because it has been built into the subconscious matrix, in which the body responds and takes instructions from. For example, no one can force someone to love another person or have sexual relations with them if there is no attraction or potential for attraction. Same thing with addictions.

Your body has come to a cycle where it has placed this habit as a need, and simple suggestions are not going to work as a result. The process has to be slow and you need to awaken various other states in the brain during your period of cravings for your mind regression therapy to have any effect at all. What this means is that hypnosis is a blunt tool that may not always work all the time. You need newer more specific technology that can induce the other brain and subconscious functions necessary to bring a concerted attack against things like depression, phobias, and even addictions. Brainwave entrainment has actually been around for a long time and I would advise anyone who has a problem or would like to look into areas of personal development to try it out.

It is a very specific technology that utilises the brains own natural mechanisms to produce super states within us and treat mental issues by progressive and constant treatments. Anyone who says that hypnosis is a one all solution does not realise about the complexities of the brain and thus cannot help you. The brain is a delicate object that needs delicate instruments to help it heal and develop. Look into things like autogenics, biofeedback, affirmation and binaural beats. These are excellent ambassadors of new age brainwave entrainment technology you should be using for any form of personal repair or development.

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