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The Science Of Mind Control – How Brainwave Entrainment Can Change Your Life Forever

Posted by admin on 20 January 2008

The science of mind control has been around since the 1970’s when it was used in a series of tests to the mass audience. Vindicating the mass media theory of the Frankfurt schools of thought, the idea of the ‘hypodermic syringe’ – that audiences were deeply affected by the messages that they receive when they view any sort of degraded media was taken a step further. Attacking the subconscious mind, protagonists flashed subliminal-level messages, ones that were too fast for normal human optic recognition within movies and advertisements – in an experiment that proved one thing – the subconscious mind was able to pick and receive these messages and in some cases, directly affect the behaviour of the audience member. The science of mind control was born and this showed how brainwave entrainment can change your life forever.

This was the rudimentary and of course, highly illegal form of brain control – one that would have been used for unscrupulous means by the advertising agency (and any other body for that matter) for their own personal gains. However, the science has evolved from then, and scientists and brain experts have found another, much safer way to get to the subconscious mind and alter it directly. This is done through the use of frequency manipulation – using sounds or magnetic fields (among other technologies) to create vibrations within the brain that leave the subconscious mind susceptible to message regression.

Also, a by product of this discovery was that the brain, when exposed to certain frequency patterns, was also able to induce a human super state – which was conceived to be the state of higher functions. This discovery meant only one thing – the brain was capable of great things, but the potential lay latent or misused within the human body – and we had neither the spirit nor the means to unlock this potential. Coined was the term brainwave entrainment, a technology designed to activate the brain’s own internal mechanism for creating electromagnetic frequencies.

A network of neurons and chemical reactions would produce electric pulses through the nervous system within both the hemispheres of the brain – and the cerebrum would fall into a state of ‘action following’, which meant that the use of technology like ‘Binaural Beats’ or magnetic field induction could literally target a specific goal that an individual wants to achieve and then activate the ‘frequency state’ necessary to achieve the reaction.

The technology is immense and its applications simply Olympian – you would be hard pressed to find anything even close to the potential of this technology. Hypnosis is yesterday’s news, a druid’s staff compared to the scalpel that is brainwave entrainment and understanding the true impact of this technology is key. Learn faster, language retention, better mental focus, positive thinking, kick bad habits – these are just some of the applications of this technology. Everyone who ever wanted to improve themselves should look at the science of mind control in its latest form, and soon you will realise how brainwave entrainment can change your life forever.

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