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The Science Of Mind Control – Brainwave Entrainment

Posted by admin on 09 February 2009

This article will detail the technical aspects of brainwave entrainment and the science of mind control. Brainwave entrainment has come along way since its inception into the scientific industry a few decades ago. At first, the incarnations of the technology were rudimentary as science was just venturing into the arena of the unconscious and subconscious mind. This was a jungle of confusions for them as this was something completely new, and they were dealing with an intangible presence within the awareness of the human soul and spirit. But trust science to find a way to measure even the intangible power of the brain.

By studying those who were in deep hypnosis or meditation, it was realise that they emitted specific brainwave electromagnetic radiations that could be picked by E.E.G machines or any machines that could detect spikes in the chemical reactions of the brain. Understanding the technology took a while, but it was soon realised that the brain existed in many different states. Measuring from 0.1 Hz all the way to multiple digits, each of the wavelengths signified that the brain was in an isolated position of power – with different characteristics. For example the higher levels of radiation (<30Hz) was linked to alertness and high levels of attention.

The lower ones (>1hz) were linked to states of deep relaxation, advanced state of learning and even a state when the bodies immune system was at an all time high and it was producing the chemical reactions that were associated with a accelerated healing. These scientists had stumbled on something quite literally amazing. They had within their hands the information that anyone of us had the potential to quadruple our capabilities. All that was needed was for a way to invoke these wavelengths.

Once we could do that, then we would have the power of positive thinking and the power to change the very human spirit within us. This was an exciting time for science and the early forms of this technology were centred on what they knew about meditation, hypnosis and affirmation techniques that were already being used at that time.

They created magnetic fields, Dream Machines, methods like biofeedback and autogenics – which were used in controlled circumstances and the results were quite amazing, especially in the medical industry. Using this technology, they were able to invoke the power of the lower wavelengths for increased healing and the body’s ability to combat diseases.

While it was not available for all at the time, consumer capitalism and the personal development industry saw to it that it was necessary for average people to have at least a form of this technology. With the link between the auditory and visual senses to information dissemination to the pre conscious mind, technology like binaural beats and subliminal CDs were then produced. Now it is a consumer and shopping phenomenon, and more and more people are buying into this technology everyday. The science of mind control is now available freely to everyone, made affordable even for the average Joe. So why wait? Grab the opportunity today!

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