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The Power of Mind over Matter – 3 Basic Principles

Posted by admin on 01 March 2009

We have all heard the term of mind over matter, but only recently can this be more than a popular maxim for self development therapists and a turnkey for casual people on the street to unleash their most powerful potentials on the world today

Your mind should be listening to you, this is the first and most important principle that you should know about. You have to train your mind to take instruction from your will power. The problem with the human psyche is that we often take instruction from our sub conscious mind, a fact that has been eluding us for a long, long time. Our personality, our behaviour – who we are as a person is not dependant on our genetic make up, but on how we were raised and the stimulants that were presented to our preconscious mind. In terms of the mind, we are what we ‘eat’ – and often we realise this too late. The first step to having the power of mind over matter is to realise that you should not be taking instruction from your sub conscious, it should be the other way around. You need to empower yourself with knowledge and a little know how on how to subvert the mind and take back control of your body.

A lot of our negative behaviour patterns are quite rooted in the sub conscious. Let us take the example of bad habits like over eating. Psychologists have said that bad habits like these are rooted in our childhood or our prime defence mechanisms within the mind. Mental associations of eating with comfort or with feeling good have been branded in our minds since young and this is the same of fears. Fear of the water is a good example, imprinted in our sub conscious mind by a traumatic experience and left there for good to be reproduced in our psyche and replayed as a fear and as a reaction whenever we come near the entity of water. What we need to do is to realise that all of our addictions and our irrational fears lie in our mind.

The mind can limit and release some of the physical attributes that we have. We can actually grow stronger and quicker if we just put our mind to it. Some say it is due to the complex series of chemical reactions within the cortical of the brain and some say it is down to the interconnectedness of the human nervous systems with our bodies most basic functions. We have all heard stories of mothers lifting cars to free their children, or athletes running faster with mind regression therapy. The power of the mind over matter has been reinforced to us for years and years and we need to take matters into our own hands. Take a look at technology like subliminal messaging or brainwave entrainment – specific tools for the reprogramming and empowering of the mind to believe that it and its physical self, can do anything it puts itself to.

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