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The Mystery Of The Power Of The Mind

Posted by admin on 02 November 2009

Have you wondered about the mess of muscles and nerves under your head? Well your brain, and consequently your mind is part of you that has been there for as long as you can remember. But have you ever thought about what the mind is all about, how much of it you really are using on a daily basis, and just how much power the mind has.

Well the answer to all these questions is that we have no idea how much power the mind has, and just how much we are using. We are all being surrounded by a host of hypothesis and assumptions form the scientific community who are making as much guesses as they can on the mind. For one thing, we know for sure that we are not fully using the power of the mind, because there is about 70% of inert energy ion the brain that is not being used.

What this means is that there is plenty of mystery surrounding the brain. For one thing, we know that the brain operates in waves, and these waves are all part and parcel of how the brain communicates with each other and the other parts of the body. And there is a layer within the mind that communicates with the experiential functions of the body. The waves within the brain are called brainwaves, and they are actually produced by the activity of the neurons. The billions of neurons in the brain exert electromagnetic pulses all through the day. What science has discovered is that we are able to entrain these brainwaves to our control because with each range of these brainwaves, the brain seems to exist in a super state.

When we say super state, what we really mean is that the brain gets moulded into a sort of state where its primary functions or some of them, are then enhanced for a time being. We can do this through the power of binaural beats, or the power of engineered audio that has been specifically designed for this function. We can actually measure this in accordance to the measurable brainwaves that are being produced and function wise, we are talking about enhanced mental focus, mental agility, mental acuity and even the propensity to learn much faster and much more effective than previously thought possible.

You might want to read a little more on the power of the mind and brainwaves and how the technology surrounding it can actually improve and enhance your life. Imagine if you will, the possibility that you can have an edge over everyone else in the respect that you are able to perform on demand. This is the little bit that the brain has decided to reveal to us and research in this topic and subject is ongoing. More and more may be revealed to us, but that is up to time and determination to reveal to us eventually. In the end of the day, we know that the mind is the next step in human evolution.

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