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The Importance of Brain Waves in Our Everyday Learning

Posted by admin on 16 November 2008

Deep sleep can improve learning. This was one of the shocking facts presented in a recent medical paper. The logic is all down to brain wave activity and how it can assist a person in absorbing new material, retain and reproduce it. This encompasses the aspects of learning that we humans go through everyday. Different brain waves resonate within our sensory cortex when we do different things, from high Beta cycles (13 – 25 cycles/s) to low Theta cycles when we are in a deep sleep. But that is just the tip of the iceberg – different brain wave responses and different frequencies all allude to the fact that stimulating different brain wave cycles can produce different results.

For those of you who are still unaware, this is in fact an amazing revelation. We can have complete control of our noggin. Such power in your hands would mean a life transformed, perspectives changed and barriers broken. Imagine having the ability to learn and absorb new information whenever you want. Deep sleep is like meditation, when the brain is totally relaxed and the subconscious mind is more exposed and malleable. Achieving this state without sleeping is not easy and for most of us, we need to achieve the Alpha state – which is the ideal state of total relaxation but acutely aware. This opens our minds and lets the floodgate of information in to the dams within our cortex.

Meditation at the alpha state (about 7 – 12 cycles/s) is a highly acute and creative state, where our mind roams free and ideas and images are produced at a startling pace. The brain waves during this period are tuned to learning and maximum absorption – this is the stuff of geniuses and philosophers, the moments when history reverberates with the shouts of ‘Eureka’!. This is the state whence the wonderful things of the world are created. And you can have this state as well.

There are many ways to achieve this. Meditation, yoga and relaxation therapy sessions in floatation tanks that ‘glide’ you towards internal peace and meditation, just to name a few. You can consult spirituality – or you can consult science, with its plethora of machines that can deeply stimulate the brain using brainwave synchronizers, magnetic fields. Biofeedback and autogenics – scientific and progressive training of the body to respond to specific mental commands with the use of machines is also available. Binaural Beats and frequency resonance – the use of sounds to produce a meditative effect, has also snowballed in popularity of late.

Once we can unlock this part of our brain and have it in our hands on demand, imagine the possibilities and applications that it can have for us in our everyday learning. Skills will be absorbed, information and techniques learnt all the more easier – we can apply ourselves in life, in our work, in our relationships with that much more ease. Science and its spiritual counterparts are offering you the key to unlock the power of your mind. I suggest you take it.

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