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The Benefits of Sound Healing With Brainwave Entrainment

Posted by admin on 06 February 2009

The medical industry has been using the power of brainwave entrainment to achieve some remarkable results with their patients. For the longest time, science and medicine have believed that the brain had the power to release chemical reactions and substances produced naturally in the body to accelerate healing with phenomenal success. This article discusses the benefits of sound healing with brainwave entrainment, and how it can help you with any form of trauma, emotional scarring and physical healing.

The method behind this madness is through the use of autogenics, biofeedback, binaural beats and affirmation. Medicine has been known to use a combination of such methods to achieve such aims. Methodologies that are more radical also include the use of magnetic fields with the use of headgear equipment to evoke the same brainwave patterns as the methods discussed earlier.

By using measuring equipment and years of research, it can be said that the lower brainwave states (8 – 12Hz) or also known as the Alpha states, have been known to promote healing by stimulating the bodies own immune system. The even lower Delta states (0.1 – 4Hz) are when the body is in a deep healing state and accelerated production of growth hormones. Also, it was also noted that when a person has a general positive outlook, when the chemical reactions are associated with feelings of bliss or delight, there seems to be a correlation with healing and advanced state of therapeutic conditions that help to recede what ever ailment they seemed to have.

This works even better with patients who are in deep depression, have suicidal tendencies and have deep emotional scars from traumas that stretch back all the way to childhood. It has also has applications with physical healing like burn scars and cuts and wounds. This was an epiphany in the medical community to a combination of conventional drug use and unconventional use of the bodies own internal mechanisms to promote an advanced state of healing. While it was not a true vindication of pro-drug-free therapy by some radical pockets all over the world, it was a coming together of the open minds of science and technology to probe into the recesses of the brain and discover new things.

This method is the highest form of placebo there is – and patients who are initiated are given placebo as a regressive introduction to the brainwave entrainment therapy. There is hope for anyone now that the technology has been reduced from its almost exclusive state in the hospital halls or white washed walls of laboratories all over the world. Now with binaural beats technology readily available on the internet in the form of CDs or subliminal technology also packaged in consumer level production, anyone can just log online and find these technologies for their own personal use.

Anyone who wants to heal emotional, physical scars, or kick bad habits, you now have the ability to do so. I advise anyone to give this technology at least a listen, it is an expensive way to improve one self and gain the benefits of sound healing with brainwave entrainment.

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