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The Benefits Of Brainwave Technology Revealed

Posted by admin on 16 January 2009

If you have never heard of brainwave technology or even its applications then you are in for a treat. The technology has been around for a long time actually, 200 years if you want to be exact and it used to be in the preserve of the medical and scientific industry – because it was deemed too powerful a tool to be freely available to the mass market. The machines were bulky, the systems complicated and you need a controlled environment with specific scientific variables before you could even embark on a journey to tap into the power of brainwaves and use them for your own benefit. This is where the benefits of brainwave technology are revealed.

Let’s look at it in layman terms. The brain is made up of billions and billions of tiny neurons, which are essentially phone booths in the brain. They are the phone lines that the different sectors of the brain use to communicate with one another and they release electromagnetic pulses in the form of frequency patterns. The neurons also sometimes act in unison, firing off electrons in a massive electromagnetic spike which machines we design can read as a frequency range.

The range of the frequency is dependent on what we are doing and the main differences actually lie on the state of our wakefulness or our sleepiness. When awake, our brain will always induce more and more electric impulses which show up as a higher frequency ranges, as high as 40Hz. When we are asleep or in deep dream states, they all fall well below 1Hz. The former is the peak, which is the state of gamma waves and the latter is the lowest dreamless state – the delta waves.

Each of these frequency ranges is not just merely a number, nor is it just telling us that we are conscious or not. They also coincide with certain brain activities that we can utilise to improve our performance. For example, the Alpha wavelengths (7-13Hz) is associated with a drowsy state, relaxed and almost asleepĀ  – but it is also associated with a state where we experience accelerated learning, where our immune system is boosted and we are able to heal faster.

We don’t have to be in this drowsy state to induce the benefits of alpha waves in our brains, all we have to do is to invoke this – by introducing specific sounds or magnetic fields within the superior olivary nucleus – a little area that is located within the brain stem. One of the most common methods is the use of variable frequency binaural beats which use the difference as the precursor to a corresponding frequency following response. In a nutshell, all we have to do to be a super learner is to plug in our stereo headphones, find a quiet place and just relax for a few moments.

These are the tangible benefits of brainwave technology and it is a reality in today’s world. Readily available online in the form of tapes and CDs, you could be on your way to a better, healthier and more confident you in a matter of hours.

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