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Superior Mind Control With Brainwave Entrainment Technology

Posted by admin on 17 April 2009

We are all powerful mental beings capable of learning at super speeds and having the mental focus and ambition to achieve anything we want. We are also able to kick our habits, reprogramme our sub conscious mind and train our mind to be the best at whatever we are doing. Sounds like a fantasy? A few years ago, not many would have believed this statement. How could anyone achieve such a luminary state whenever they wanted? Humans are not all born equal and some are blessed with more mental capacity than others. This gives us the disparity and the variance that we have always experienced.

Some of us might be more talented, more smarter, more relaxed and have mental capabilities that are further beyond us. Some of us might even be able to heal faster and even be happier all the time. This sort of superior mind control is actually not beyond us to reach and take for ourselves. It is a reality in this day and age and its most potent form for consumers all over the world is brainwave entrainment technology. This has been made a reality from discovery and further research into the deep recesses of the brain and the frequency states produced by electromagnetic neuron induction.

The neurons in the brain communicate with each other every second that we are alive, and this is crucial for the day-to-day functions of our psychological and physiological systems. They do this through the release of electric pulses, which show up as electromagnetic radiation of sensitive equipment. It also emits a low lying radiation within the brain at all times, and this is directly related to the state that we are in, whether or not we are awake or we are asleep. These frequency ranges are based upon 5 main categories, from Alpha all the way to Theta and can range from as little as 0.1 Hz all the way to 38 Hz.

The good thing about this discovery is that science has realise that when in these different frequency ranges, the brain seems to behave differently and gain some powers which it did not have before. While these are not super human powers, they can be classified under super brain powers, which can range from anything to accelerated healing, super learning, higher mental focus, relaxed state of mind, a more alert and receptive subconscious; among others. These are the kind of advantages that anyone needs to blast through the barriers of life and realise success like they have never before.

Superior mind control with brainwave entrainment technology is like having the power of the mind at your fingertips – turn it on whenever and wherever you want. Amaze at school, at work, your friends and change your life. Kick the habits you always wanted and be the person you always knew you could be. This is the next era of personal development, and it has arrived here and now. Take advantage of its immense power today, and achieve a degree of superior mind control you’ve never thought possible.

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