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Supercharge Your Subconscious Mind

Posted by admin on 06 February 2009

The preconscious mind, as discovered by early German scientist in the early 19th century, was one of the best kept secret of the human brain. For thousands of years, we as a race had thought that our mind was a two dimensional entity, living within a physical form that can be seen and touched (albeit with much difficulty) to the conscious mind that regulates our thinking and our critical faculties. We had never previously thought that there was a third, more powerful dimension to our mind – a subconscious mind that in fact held the secrets to empowering ourselves with greater mental and even physical abilities.

We could actually supercharge the subconscious mind – the only thing that was missing of course, was the methodology that was needed to achieve such gains. Early science was rudimentary at best when it came to dealing with the pre conscious mind – although having almost perfected the way they could dissect and identify parts of the brain. With the discovery of neurons and chemical reactions/electromagnetic radiation within the cortex and lobes of each of the brain’s hemispheres, and how they co-related to the bodies functions, the five senses and even core functions of the physiological system, science finally had the ability to put two and two together.

The subconscious brain was the literally ‘the brain’ behind the show, with the conscious mind acting as a filter. What happens is information gets passed through the auditory, visual and olfactory systems primarily, with sense of touch coming last. The conscious mind filters this information into information that it compartmentalises into varying parts of the brain. So when we touch leather, we know what the material is and where it comes from. All this information comes together as critical thought. When we remember a touching moment or even a tragedy when we relate to leather, and the feelings that are brought back, is in essence our subconscious mind at work.

All the feelings of anxiety, happiness or even deep sadness are triggered by the subconscious mind. Science has been able to measure these subconscious patterns by brainwave states. The brain exists in different electro magnetic states, and each has a specific purpose. The technology behind it, with complicated names like autogenics, bio feedback or binaural beats, have been used by medicine and science to evoke different states for different uses. When the subconscious mind is awakened within us (although we are sure that it is really never asleep in the first place) the brain shapes itself into a specific brainwave pattern.

Now with the use of such technologies, we are able to reach in a mould the subconscious mind, going so far as to relax our conscious mind and awaken the subconscious, so that positive messages can be placed directly. You can literally rebuild yourself and give yourself capabilities multiplied by several factors. Supercharge your subconscious mind – this is literally a reality in today’s world and clever companies have compacted (literally) some of this technology into consumer level CDs that you can either buy off the shelf or even online. So why wait? Change your life today.

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