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Subconscious Reprogramming With Brainwave Entrainment

Posted by admin on 07 March 2009

What is the subconscious and subconscious reprogramming? The term subconscious mind was coined by the late and famous mental scientist Pierre Janet, who after rigorous experimentation with the human mind and the nervous system, discovered that beneath the layers of critical thought functions and mental capacities of the conscious mind, lay a dormant yet powerful awareness he called the pre conscious mind. He found that there was a hidden and complex system of awareness and automatism – in the sense of psychology, meaning an awareness within an awareness.

He also found that it could operate quite independently from the conscious mind. More research by famous luminaries within this field also led to the belief and later scientific fact that the subconscious mind played a critical role in determining the behaviour, the mental capacities and the overall personality of a person. So science had inadvertently stumbled upon the vault of human consciousness, and what they were going to do with it was quite obvious. Tinker around and figure a way to use to the advantage of the human race. Years later and we enter the 21st century, where common terms like autogenics, biofeedback, the Dream machine and affirmation taking over more traditional methods of mind control like hypnotism and meditation.

But at the core, were the same principles that the subconscious mind had to be reprogrammed in order for any positive change to be brought about. A lot of these technologies concentrated on lulling the conscious mind to slip aside its defences and allow for messages to be placed directly in the pre conscious awareness. Subliminal messages were quite different, in the sense that they used a more cunning approach – distracting the conscious mind with visual and auditory stimulation while sneaking embedded messages, past the range of human awareness, right into the subconscious mind.

But then, a much simpler and less complicated way began to take form later on – the power of binaural beats. Using focused sounds engineered with varying frequencies, they were introduced into each ear and caused a frequency imbalance, which then the cortical will detect and respond to the stimulus with and electrical response. This electrical response would be in the form of a wavelength response.

Why? Well simple. A lot more tinkering around had discovered that the brain existed in different wavelength frequencies, due to the billions of neurons firing off their chemical reactions and electronic impulses within the nerve centres of the brain. Associated with these different wavelengths was an uncanny fact – the brain existed in accelerated state associated with different frequency states.

You could learn faster, learn more, absorb more information, have better mental focus and even learn to relax and beat the stresses of life. There was also a frequency that corresponded with the subconscious mind being more malleable – existing in a state exposed so what powerful positive messages could be inserted readily into it. We had a solution to the problem of subconscious programming and because the technology was so readily available, anyone could use it now and nothing has changed. Binaural beats and brainwave entrainment technology is freely available on the internet as CDs that you can buy. Who would have thought that a round piece of thin plastic would be the key to unleashing your potential?

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