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Sharpen Your Mind With Binaural Beats

Posted by admin on 29 May 2009

If you could, I want you to imagine that your mind is in a sluggish state, creeping along its evolutionary patterns with a thick and hardened shell that does not allow you to get at and benefit from the full potential of your brain. Within this sluggish form, within this hardened exterior lies a sleek and fast machine capable of enormous capability and all you need to do is to release it from its prison and sharpen your mind with binaural beats.

Before anything, let more light be shed on this binaural beats technology, which has been around, in actuality, for more than a few decades and it has only been since the explosion of the internet and world knowledge has increased that this technology has started to receive the fame it deserves. What they are in nature are auditory tones that have been artificially produced and hidden within apparent sounds.

Now, these sounds are not apparent to the human ear and there is a good reason for this, because it needs to be uninterruptedly introduced into both ears, masked in music so that the cortical is able to pick on their differing frequencies and this evoke a similar response.

Within the brain, these low frequency differences are mainly heard within the superior olivary nucleus, placed somewhere in the cortical of the brain stem. What has to be achieved is often called a frequency following response, which in simplistic terms is the reaction of the cortical to the small frequency changes which will then produce an electromagnetic explosion by the neurons.

While the popular form of the stimulus is in the audio CD, it can also be seen by the eye, and one of the more prominent examples of this is the Dreamachine. The problem with this is that although it is just as effective, there are problems when trying to evoke high frequency responses in the brain stem, which might just lead to negative side effects like photosensitive epilepsy, something that you do not need to be experiencing in the first place. So, we have established that auditory stimulation is one of the best ways to deliver binaural beats into the brain system.

Depending on the wavelength required, whether it is delta, theta, alpha, beta or even gamma, the cortical in the brain stem will then entrain the brainwaves to follow. This is how you can sharpen your mind. With binaural beats, you are able to invoke states where you are mentally acute, mentally aware, higher levels of concentration and high levels of creativity. You can achieve this by invoking the beta and alpha states, which is simply done by using brainwave entrainment technology.

So, now you are aware of this technology and the best thing about this is that you can achieve this simply by logging on the internet and getting the latest versions of binaural CD’s and ordering them online. Some sites even allow you to download engineered MP3s as well. So what are you waiting for? Sharpen your mind with binaural beats today.

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