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Sexual Hypnosis: Fact Or Fantasy?

Posted by admin on 21 March 2009

Sexual hypnosis is a fact, but I think we need to clear up a few misconceptions about it. This article will discuss not so much about the facts or fantasy aspects of sexual hypnosis, but about the truths behind it. There is a disclaimer about sexual hypnosis, something you should no about before you decide to put that person under a spell and induce he or she to have sexual relations with you.

The brain is built in a very special way and so is the subconscious mind. Our awareness and thought processes form the foundation of the human spirit and the human character and this information is weaved into us from young. Freud called this the Id, the Ego and the Superego of our brains, and each of them has a specific function in determining needs, morality, character and mindset. The formative years is when this is most important, because when we are an adult and have the mental faculties of rational thought and critical thinking well in place, we are better able to siphon off the stimuli of the world, crunch them into raw data and apply them to our brains and accompanying consciousness substructure.

This means that we can judge and we can think. Hypnotism seeks to go into the subconscious and alter the states of the mind and make us do things. Nevertheless, there is one inherent flaw in this application of the age old technology of hypnotism, is the fact the subconscious is a direct representation of the conscious mind’s filtering techniques. Which means that if we are aware of the inherent dangers of something, we translate that into data and inject it into our subconscious mind, which then will trigger anxiety, fear, nervousness – all the emotions that tie in to us resisting against this idea.

This is why people do say that you can never force someone to do something that they do not want to do because the spirit of resistance has already been built into the very powerful subconscious mind. If you did watch a lot of TV shows about hypnotism, you realise that most of the things that they make people do either are something they would do normally or they had the potential to have a desire to do – which is the most important thing in making the success of hypnotism.

So to the question of sexual hypnotism and its factual status, I would really have to say that it would be dependent on the person itself. The person would inherently have the character to easily have sex or have the inclination or inherent attraction already. That plays a very important role in sexual hypnotism. It is not the case where you can force someone to have desire for you, the chemical reactions and emotions necessary are far too complicated for just a single idea within to overcome. Sexual attraction can be instant or it can be built up over a long time; thus you need to understand the complexities of the situation before you even try your hand at sexual hypnotism. It is normally a tool used by psychologists to cure fear of having sex or sexual dementia.

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