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Self-Improvement 101 – Mind Control Techniques

Posted by admin on 17 February 2009

The pertinence of self-improvement has come to the forefront of the modern society. Never has there been so much interest in unlocking potentials and freeing the talents within – especially when the combination of science and urban rhetoric has the world convinced that all we need is some consumer level mind control techniques to unlock the superman or woman within us. Gladly, it is not a legend, myth or a yarn spun around a table. The facts remain that it is true – we as a human race are not utilising the full set of tools that evolution and experience has given to us.

Psychologists put this down to our developmental stage of our life, when the conscious and subconscious are within similar planar and neurological states. Laymen would translate this to – the sub conscious brain and the conscious brain during the developmental stages of the brain and its mental faculties are left open to many persuasions that can decide either fate – a stunted or full growth of all the available talents within its pre and conscious state. Unfortunately, we are not armed with the tools necessary to ensure that we get the full benefit of our brainpower.

Most of us are either borne with some gifts over others, or sometimes none at all – which distinct us as very normal human beings, with normal mental capabilities. Herein lies the problem. Popular definition would say that we are normal but what psychology and neurology has shown – we are actually running quite below capacity. What we need is some mind control techniques to free the shackles of the mind and unfortunately, as well, we have no easy access to meditation or hypnosis – the then popular methods of unlocking the subconscious mind and invoking our inherent powers. The personal development industry has been working closely with science and its developments, especially in the field of brainwave entrainment and autogenics.

From dream machine to compact disc, this has propagated into various types of technology that include the subliminal CD and binaural beats. First released as a hesitant move into self alteration, now it is the meteor that leads the fire spreading within modern global societies. Now we have the power to have full control over our minds, and call upon latent gifts that we can utilise to give us and edge in life and in the things that we do. Learn faster, think better, focus like you have never before and be the puppet master to your body and call upon physical abilities that you have never thought possible.

That is the power of such mind control techniques and now; there are available off the shelf, on the internet, around the corner. Packaged most popular as CD’s, all you need to do is find a  quiet corner and surrender your mind to the tailor made embedded messages and stimulations, gain access to your sub conscious mind and reprogram the very core of your spirit, soul, soma, sarx. The power is in your hands, and it is time to grasp it!

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