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Seduction Hypnosis – Fact Or Fiction?

Posted by admin on 05 May 2009

 The theory behind seduction hypnosis is the use of hypnosis and body language to seduce the other person and while there has been some truth behind the methodology of seduction hypnosis, the general principles in which it is built is slightly flawed. This is because of the very fact that within the state of hypnosis, there is no way that another person can force anyone to do anything that they do not want to do.

While some hypnotists have found ways around this by asking people to simulate everyday activities that might include certain actions they would not perform when asked directly, the area of attraction is quite a jungle of rhetoric and implausible definitions.

You cannot force someone to be attracted to you, that attraction has to be inherent or even the possibility of that attraction must be there in the first place. You cannot force someone to fall head over heels over you – short of succumbing to black magic (which is far more ridiculous) or even using forcible methods (which will land the protagonists in jail), the theories behind seductive hypnotisms are fundamentally flawed.

The root of the problem comes from the methodology, as mentioned earlier in this article. When you want to seduce someone, you must have certain properties that will allow the formula to work to a certain level. For example, you need to be pleasant looking or even good looking, or to put it simply, good looking enough to the person you are trying to seduce.

If the person is physically not attracted to you, then this is quite an impossible feat. While many from the camp of personality would boo this theory and say some are not so superficial, we are talking about seduction hypnosis, not about attraction defined and established over long-term relationships. In this area of attraction, how charming you are, your charisma, your smooth words, your general attraction all depends on the initial appraisal of the person.

Seduction hypnosis cannot blind the person in question so that they do not notice the inherent flaws. And this is made worse because of the volatility of different characters and different personalities. Natural aversions, deep hatreds, stereotypes will play a large role in derailing this mythical train from ever happening.

Body language and knowing the person are far more important than trying to place them in a trance, and eventually in your bed. It will not work. For those who are currently swayed by the sentiments of a few that seduction hypnosis does work, it is time to understand that the method is the conjecture of the bewildered and those who capitalise on the desperate and the lonely.

Instead, look into areas of emotional development, personal grooming and understanding the human psyche and reading into body language. Once you get out of your own self induced hypnosis and wake up to the realities of the situation, you will then be able to expend energies into areas which will actually help you to gain a mate and a life long partner.

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