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Science Of Mind Power And Entrainment Techniques

Posted by admin on 17 June 2009

 Here, we are talking about binaural beats and why they deserve such special mention because they actually form the basis of one of the most popular and effective brainwave mind augmentation techniques is available today. What this is engineered and sculpted sounds that have been produced with the specific intent to create a sort of response in the brain that is needed to produce the effects of mind power and entrainment. How this works is that the person who is engineering the beat will first choose a medium. It can be anything from visual to auditory, or sometimes a mix of both, but in this, we will be concentrating on the auditory.

He or she will choose a medium, and normally it is some form of music or recorded sounds that have been proven to relax the mind and slip it into a state where it is most susceptible to these beats. Of course, this is also combined with the common sense that the person listening to this medium must be in a quiet place, or else, the effectiveness of this technology will then be greatly reduced.

Then, using this technology, the medium will be engineered in such a way that they produce two different tones and wavelengths in each of the hear, with the intent that it produces a difference tone that is both subsonic and equals to the wavelength value that is needed to be entrained in the first place. The reason that the beat is subsonic is that the values are normally quite low anyway, and while the normal human ear will not be able to pick up on the difference, it is the cortical in the cortex that would be able to pick up on the frequency and thus have a frequency following effect.

The carrier frequency would normally be in the range of 300 – 600Hz, and a typical entrainment production carrier frequency would be 510 and 540, which would then produce a 30Hz subsonic following response. And thus this is the basic science of mind power and entrainment techniques. All the rest of the techniques which are available are based on the very same fundamentals, which means that at the end of the day, the cortical in the mind must be excited to the same frequencies that are needed to be entrained. If you are considering to get this sort of brainwave entrainment technology, there are plenty of options for you. The best source that seems to have the most resources for this technology is the internet and a quick search online would reveal tons of sources for you to refer to.

Of course, with this, you need to be able to do some research and get the best possible product. Considering the progress of technology in recent years, there are plenty of back end resources on the web that does reviews on products like these, and you will be able to find out which is the best for you, depending on the price, application and type of medium.

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