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Rewire Your Subconscious With Brainwave Entrainment

Posted by admin on 03 May 2009

 The brain is a powerful piece of machinery, and while we are each given just one brain, none of us actually know how to fully use this wonderful contraption at the crown of our noggin. This is because we have not been given a manual on how to fully optimise the potential power of the brain. Even if there were one, how would we as human beings reach deep down into the cortex and possibly the subconscious mind, rewire the subconscious, and mould the mind into a staggering tool we can use to give us the edge in life?

But thankfully, the personal development industry and science has made a sort of unconscious partnership, with the former leveraging on the findings of the latter to create a shockingly simple methodology and tool to allow us to maximise the power of the brain. This technology is called brainwave entrainment and what it does is it evokes a frequency wavelength in the brain.

Do not worry, because this is already naturally occurring within the cortex and cortical of the brain. This happens when the neurons within the brain, which number in the billions, fire electromagnetic pulses within the neuro network as a form of communication.

This is how the brain co-ordinates the different functions of each and ever sphere of the brain into the symphony that we experience every day. Apart from that, the neurons also seem to be firing a low level frequency latently, which is picked up and detected by sensitive EEG machinery.

What happens with this is that the frequency and wavelengths change according to the different states that we are in, and after some research, it was discovered that these can be divided into 5 different categories, based on different states of ‘wakefulness’. When we are asleep, close to sleep or within deep SMR sleep, we reproduce considerably low wavelengths, and once we are awake or involved in a strenuous activity, these wavelengths increase rapidly.

Named Theta to Alpha, these frequencies were found to be extremely important because of the ‘super states’ that they seem to induce within the human brain. For example, the time before we go to sleep, when the wavelengths are close to bottoming out, our brain is at its learning peak; meaning we can retain and remember information all that much better (some studies have concluded that this can go as high as 400% more effective).

This is why sometimes students can only remember the last few things that they studied in the course of the day. When are fully awake and involved in a strenuous activity, the brain is more mentally acute and has higher levels of focus and creativity. If you want to rewire your subconscious, all you need to do is activate your brain into doing so, putting it within a very meditative state where you subconscious mind will be more open and receptive to positive affirmation. So what are you waiting for? Rewire your subconscious with brainwave entrainment today.

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