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Proven Mind Control Techniques – How Brainwave Entrainment Can Unlock Your Hidden Potential

Posted by admin on 13 January 2009

About 200 hundred years a go a German scientist named Heinrich Wilhelm Dove discovered that the brain responds to different frequencies introduced to the mind. These engineered and sculpted sounds are felt within the superior olivary nucleus of the brain, right smack in the brain stem. Originally believed to influence the auditory responses in the brain exclusively, binaural beats has come a long way since and now is believed and proven to entrain the brain to produce specific electromagnetic impulses that follow a frequency pattern.

While Heinrich Wilhelm Dove did not realise the potential of his discovery, others more than 100 and 200 years later surely did, with the discovery that the brain exists in several different states – and each is associated with certain brain functions and superior conditions. These can be divided into five different frequencies – delta, theta, beta, gamma and alpha. Ranging from below 1hz (Delta) all the way to 38Hz (Gamma) – each corresponding range is usually associated with higher mental activity, problem solving skills, overcoming of fear, increased confidence, mental focus, a state of great relaxation and even moments of great creativity.

The most popular form of brainwave entrainment now as mentioned above is through the use of engineered sounds called binaural beats. The technology is very simple. Let’s say you want to get to an Alpha state – where you are in a state of accelerated learning – the binaural beats will be introduced at a sine wave that is differing by about 10Hz in each different ear. For example, a 330Hz wave will be introduced to the right ear and a 340Hz frequency in the left ear. The difference produced (10Hz) is the frequency range the brain responds to.

Thus almost immediately you get into a place where you can learn faster, absorb more information and understand even complicated theories and calculations. If it sounds easy it probably because it is. Binaural beats and subliminal CDs are the best ways for anyone to start on the journey of self-improvement. Unlike complicated mechanisms and controlled experiment environments that methods like autogenics and biofeedback require, the use of sound to evoke a frequency following response is a much more personal and individual experience and there are no dangers.

The method is 100% completely safe and there is a ton of literature to back up the usefulness of brainwave entrainment. This is the dawn of a new era of self improvement. Bad habits, personality traits and mental disorders can now be treated. The vision of humanity as a super race is made all the more possible with the use of brainwave entrainment technology.

Control your mind and thus control your life and never again will you ride the waves of bad habits into an open sea of uncertainty. With the power to improve yourself at every turn, you can unlock your hidden potential and the person you have always dreamed of. This is the proven mind control techniques, showing you how brainwave entrainment can unlock your hidden potential.

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