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Positive Mind Control Programming With Brainwave Entrainment

Posted by admin on 23 February 2009

Brainwave entrainment is the name for the technology used to invoke frequency states within the mind so that we have access to many different ‘talents’ that the brain inherently has. The brain lives in different states, and this depends on what we are doing, our levels of activity and whether or not we are conscious to the world. The brain uses electrical impulses to send back and forth information to its different areas, and this happens through sets of complicated chemical reactions within the neurons of the brain.

What you have on hand is a network of nerves and channels that encompass the entire brain like a glove, and constant electromagnetic radiation through these pulses is present at all times. Sensitive equipment can read these radiations in frequency states in Hz. Science has discovered that sometimes, the entire nexus of these networks fire at the same time, creating a global brain frequency state and surprisingly this happens quite often within our daily lives. These states have been mapped and have been associated with super states of learning and thinking. They range from low Delta waves all the way to high Beta waves, and can range from as little as a value of >1Hz to 40 Hz or even more.

Each range can bring about certain gifts within us, from an increase in mental abilities, an enhancement of our IQ, mental focus as well as increased levels of alertness. Other ranges can also bring about relaxation, stress relief, stimulation of the immune system and even the ability to bring about states of accelerated learning. There are even states where we can bring about a relaxed state, where we can improve our own sleeping patterns and bring about conditions which are optimum for us to invoke self hypnosis and meditation. All these are aspects of positive mind control programming that we can bring about with brainwave entrainment.

The technology that is available to us is called binaural beats, and I highlight this technology because of its ease of use and its wide availability on the internet. The rationale behind it is that different frequency sculpted sounds are introduced into each ear and the difference is then picked up by the cortical in the cerebral cortex. The cortical responds by firing the neurons to produce a frequency state that matches the frequency variations produced by the binaural beats. In a nutshell, we now have the power to bring about our very own brainwave entrainment with simple to use technology.

If you need to learn faster or absorb more information before a big test then brainwave entrainment technology can help you. If you need better mental focus at work or higher levels of creativity then it also can help you. If you need to reprogramme yourself with some positive mind control – then brainwave entrainment can help you.  The applications are only limited by your imagination. Whatever your uses, whatever you need it for – even if it is for something as simple as reducing the effects of stress on your body, binaural beats and brainwave entrainment is your solution.

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