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Mind Manipulation – Tweaking Your Subconscious For Success

Posted by admin on 19 February 2009

I want you to think of your subconscious mind as a sort of hidden engine within the brain. For years and years it has been the faithful servant of the driver, starting up and getting you to where you want to go – all within the physical limits of the driver and the inherent performance of the engine itself. We take this engine for granted and we take its performance as the limits of what it can do. How can we think otherwise? The specs of the engine have been given to you since birth and you know very well of its capabilities and how much performance you can squeeze out of it.

What if I told you that you can turn your Japanese made engine, with its safe Wankel engine and 4 cylinders, trudging along at a maximum speed of 140 miles an hour to a speed demon, Italian sculpted, passion -fire instilled Ferrari V* powerhouse of an engine that screams along at 240 miles an hour. Think like fire and learn like lightning; never settle for the slow poke existence that you have accepted as normal and sometimes even using that horrid and complacent word – optimal. When it comes to the mind, there is no such thing as optimal. We are never truly using the full potential of our mind – because we are none the wiser to the fact that lying within us is pure genius.

How do I know this? Through the research of science in areas of the subconscious mind and brainwave electromagnetic radiation. Science has revealed to the man on the street that the brain can exist in different wavelength states, read by complicated E.C.G machines. When we are awake or asleep, they range from high to low frequency and have varying values in the middle. Each of these states corresponds to an invocation of higher powers. For example, the lower states are referred to the ‘healing’ states of the body, where there is a increased spike in immune levels, the body goes into accelerated repairing and there is a release of growth hormones.

Also, in these states, the mind is relaxed into a state where it absorbs things like new languages and content better. It is more adept at retaining information and can gain an elevated sense of mental focus. Imagine if you had control over this. Technically, you do not have to be in a deep sleep to experience this, technology is available out there for you to invoke these very patterns whenever you want. Same can be said for tweaking the subconscious mind.

We can invoke patterns and wavelengths in the cortical of the mind so that the defences of the conscious mind (protecting the vulnerable and more powerful sub conscious) are put aside for a moment and we can insert positive stimuli and basically reprogramme aspects of our behaviour and mental states. That is the power of mind manipulation, and now everyone can have the power to unlock a bigger engine and drive themselves into new lands of success.

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