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Mind Control Tricks – How Brainwaves Can ‘Trick’ Your Mind for a Better You

Posted by admin on 19 March 2009

Your mind is playing the biggest trick on you. It is existing in your skull and performing below par everyday of your life. The potential for the mind is actually enormous and science discovered not long ago that the human brain was operating at slightly less than 50% (on average). We can be smarter, we can be more creative, we can be more focused and we can be excellent learners: much more than what we are capable of. Geneticists believe that the evolution of man in physical also coincided with the devolution of the mind in some respects.

As the environments became more and more complicated, the mind stopped operating at efficiency levels that were respectable. Let me explain. The answer to this equation is really quite simple. Technology is a boon to the modern world, but when technology steps in and makes every day activities or even advanced activities easier for us, the brain takes a step backwards. How so? Simple. Let us take the internet as an example. The internet has become the modern day library, and we depend on it every day of our lives. Attendance to libraries and the very essence of research and how people study has been affected. This is correct even in universities, where online resources are as commonplace as the classroom table and chair.

How we study and how we absorb information has taken on the same fast food concepts as McDonalds’ and Colonel Sanders. Just look at our diet. Obesity rates have climbed over the past few years. America, the progenitor of all things unhealthy and quick of the rack, has one of the highest obesity rates in the world. Diseases associated with it are climbing. Our bodies are slowly changing and they are slowly but surely being written in the human genetic code. We are becoming sluggish, fat, slow and not as responsive as before. Now apply the same logic to the human mind. How we digest information, our tenacity to investigate, our thirst for knowledge are now being catered to by the McDonald Nation of the internet generation.

Our minds are slowly but surely dumbing down because they are not so much in use anymore. The shape of our cortex, the creativity levels – this is the time of the death of the philosopher. We need to revive our minds, and believe me, our minds have the potential for some staggering thought and focus. We just have to trick it into being all that it can be and the irony of it all, it is technology called brainwave entrainment that is the answer to ‘trick’ the mind for a better you. Using frequency dispersion, sound is used to activate the brain’s super states. Read a bit more on brain wave frequency and how they are associated with super states. Brainwave entrainment is the trigger to a bigger and better you and the best thing of all about this; all you need to do is log on and purchase one.

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