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Mind Control Tricks For Self-Improvement With Brainwave Entrainment

Posted by admin on 10 January 2009

You are in a bar and you spot someone you like. Legs that keep on going and with luscious hair, she is the perfect picture of seduction. You straighten your tie and slick your hair back and take a swig of a strong drink. You slip through the crowd and find yourself face to face with a stunning beauty. All your rehearsed lines now come out like a combination of Greek and Indian and you start to stutter as well. She stares at you incredulously and you start to feel a heat rise in your cheeks.

Embarrassment sets in and you forget your own name and you quickly do an about turn and start kicking yourself inwardly, wondering what possessed you in even thinking that you might have been able to pull it off. Your friends laugh at you and you spend the night crying into a pillow, distraught by your social ineptness. Low confidence and self esteem all come from a subconscious pattern of events, and to change all this and make a more confident you, you need to reprogram these bad characteristics of you – change your self into a new man with mind control tricks for self improvement with brainwave entrainment.

Trick your mind into believing that you are not the timid, uncertain and very un-charming individual you are. Your character is sculpted and built by your conscious mind and subconscious mind working in tandem. Life experiences, emotions and visual stimulation – as well as everything that you have experienced and taught when you were young get imprinted into the subconscious as the binary data that builds the ‘you’ that you know so well today.

Whether good or bad, we fall back into our bad habits and our negative personality because our subconscious mind is telling us this is the way we should react to such situations. Fear, nervousness and an intense need to escape a situation are all built into you – there is nothing much you can do about it and it can take years and sometimes even longer to reverse the polarities of your personality to bring out the better qualities and give you confidence.

How do you conquer a situation when your first mental response is to break into millions of tiny pieces? The answer is in your mind and you have to remove the code and the data that commands these very reactions from you. Brainwave entrainment can induce the proper electromagnetic frequencies in the brain so that it is in a state that your subconscious mind can be reprogrammed with positive messages.

Change your personality and build a better more confident you with just a few entrainment sessions. The difference is more palpable then simple hypnotic suggestive methods – they specifically induce your brain into a suggestive state; which ensures that any visual or auditory stimulation gets to the subconscious and stays there.

This could very well change your life and bring out the confidence, the purpose and the drive that has been missing from your life. Situations now no longer bring about fear and hesitation and you seem to be able to handle them with much more control then ever before. It could mean you meeting the person of your dreams.

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