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Mind Control Programming From Your Couch

Posted by admin on 15 June 2009

 Electroencephalography is the use of sensitive instruments to record all the electromagnetic activity that is produced along and within the scalp, produced normally and naturally by the firing of neurons within the brain. The brain is prone to spontaneous electrical activity, and this happens when different areas of the brain try to communicate with one another. How this is done, is that electrodes and frequency machines will be placed in and around the head to pick up these very signals. Where this came from actually is from the medical condition of epilepsy, and this method was introduced to actually measure the difference during an epileptic fit of the level of neuron activity in the brain as compared to when the subject is in the normal state.

Other applications of this technology is to detect whether or not there are any tumours’ in the brain (which will affect how neurons act within the brain) and of course, there are other applications that allow the end user to detect whether or not the patient is in a stroke, a coma or encephalopathy. The reason this is being discussed at the fore front of the article is that mind programming in this day and age forms its basis from this electromagnetic activity in the brain. One of the most common and popular forms of the technology that is based on electromagnetic waves produced in the brain is brainwave entrainment technology and binaural beats, usually sold in CD’s and can even come in the form of CD’s. Then we will talk about binaural beats, which is essentially the basic technology of brainwave entrainment.

What it is, is engineered and sculpted sounds produced within a controlled environment to produce a frequency following effect within the cortical of the brain. Getting a bit technical, the sensation in which these binaural beats are produced actually originates in the superior olivary nucleus, which is deep within the brain stem. This is based on the natural fact that the brain has the ability to actually locate the sources of sound that sometimes pass way beyond the normal human range of hearing and usually, binaural beats are really subsonic in nature.

Of course when talking about this technology, the actual stimuli does not necessarily have to be really sonic in nature. It can be visual as well, and one such example of this sort of technology is the most touted dream machine that neurologists use. While the apparent beat incidence communicate to the delta, theta, alpha, beta, or gamma variety of brainwave frequencies, the brainwaves entrains to or shift in the direction of the beat regularity.

For instance, if a 425 Hz sine gesticulates is introduced into the right ear and a 435 Hz one at the left ear, the mind is entrained in the direction of the 10Hz beat frequency, in the alpha variety. Since alpha variety is connected with recreation, this has a comforting outcome or if in the beta range, more attentiveness will be produced. Buy the CD, and change your life with mind programming from your couch.

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