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Manipulating Your Brain Waves For Overall Life Success

Posted by admin on 27 May 2009

 Do not be swayed by the word “manipulate”. This article was titled in such a controversial manner in order to get the desired response from you and yet reveal the truth that you can actually start the momentum of manipulating your brain waves for overall life success. How you do so is quite elementary. The technology is almost self explanatory and the methods of delivery is so easy, there is not a person in this world that is not able to master the machinations of the technology and effectively manipulate his mind towards success within moments.

Now within the brain, there are plenty of neurons, which fire of electromagnetic waves for the express purpose of communicating with each other and co-ordinating the various parts of the brain with each other. Now this is a critical function of the brain and it allows us to move our limbs, speak, talk, eat and basically communicate and leverage on all the benefits of the world today.

Now behind that is another fascinating discovery, in which the brain is also within a specific global frequency wavelength, which is also originating from the neurons in the cortical of the brain. What happens is that these frequencies coincide to the different states of wakefulness that we are in and they can be divided into areas like just before sleep, light sleep, deep sleep, just waking up from sleep, complete awakeness and in high activity. Now, this does not stop there, as within these ranges, called beta to delta, there are also interesting abilities that the brain seems to be able to exude as well.

For example, in the beta state and states just below it, we are able to show an increased amount of mental acuity, more creativity, the ability to focus better, multitask more and have higher levels of adrenalin and energy. So if we are feeling sluggish one day or perhaps have a creative presentation the following day and need that extra bit of juice, wouldn’t it be useful if we had the ability to just tap on these potentials the brain already has and then excel like we have never before.

There is nothing external about the technology and there is nothing added, everything is a natural biological leverage on the brainwaves that your brain already produces and these are the very principles that drive technology like brainwave entrainment and binaural beats. So in a sense, you are manipulating your brainwaves but you are not doing anything to harm yourself.

Just look at the delivery of brainwave entrainment technology; where its most potent form is in a CD, all of which you need to do is to plug in your CD player, your headphones, find a quiet corner for about half an hour or so and release the potential of your mind. Anyone and everyone can benefit from this power, the power to realise the true potential of the brain. With brainwave manipulation, you can finally achieve the overall life success that you deserve.

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