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Leveraging Upon Brain Power to Achieve Your Goals

Posted by admin on 14 November 2008

The cliche that the brain is the most powerful object in the human body is not an understatement. If you ever thought the heart was, you are mistaken. Depression can drive someone to death. A bright outlook has been known to speed up recovery and generate miraculous cures. A mother filled with fear and anxiety for the safety of her child can suddenly gain immense strength. Brain power. It is like no other. It can drive you to success or plunge you to a gully from an endless cliff.

For years, the military all over the world has been investing in something called mind regression and mental training through the use of conditioning, harsh training, psychology and utilising the subconscious through image reproduction and sound – all in a bid to create the toughest soldiers who are fearless. The mind is a soldier’s greatest equipment in the field – and it can save his life, better than any weapon, armour or gadgetry. It helps them to achieve their goals and meet their objectives.

You too can leverage on your brain power to achieve your goals in life. The secret is to condition your subconscious mind to (which represents more than three quarters of our brain power) in such a way that drive, ambition, joy are produced in healthy amounts every day, every hour, every minute. It is the intangibles of life that make us succeed and the road to material gain is built on the immaterial; our feelings and our emotions – the spiritual building blocks of our lives, as well as the architects of our own fate and destiny.

Old habits die hard and they live with impunity within our subconscious. Once they get entrenched, it is very hard to remove them. Only through a wilful penetration through our conscious block and into the core of our brain’s subconscious can we truly turn our lives around. We don’t have to enlist in military training to do that or find a swami in the hillside villages of India to learn the secrets of meditation. Technology is within reach and more and more methods are being produced to help you retune your subconscious. From magnetic wavelengths, hypnotism, deep brain stimulation apparatus and even the power of frequency stimulation (Binaural beats), the ways and means to tap into the power of meditation is mind boggling.

Science has decided to play the penny with what was once wholly the arena of religion and mystery. But in fact, scientists and medical professionals all over the world have been working together to unlock the secrets of the brain and find ways for us humans to unchain the gift given by the life itself, a gift that continually to hold out on us.

A small aspect of it has been revealed. Through everything you know, what the world of products has offered you, this can truly say that it is potentially life changing. Give yourself the opportunity of a lifetime, live the life you always wanted and remove that prism of negativity from your vision now.

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