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Learn the Power of Mind over Matter

Posted by admin on 09 November 2008

The mind matters. It affects your life, your wealth and your health. The power of the mind has been investigated, probed and research since science was at its infancy and its protagonists were able to look inside the mind’s eye and started the discovery to its secrets. It has advanced so far yet so little, more than 80% of the secret of the brain remains undiscovered terrain, because the tools have yet to be invented to delve into those dark enclaves of mental secrecy. However, we are benefitting from a century that is able to control the powerful brainwaves in the mind that can create peace, balance and harmony in our lives.

You would be surprised to know that this has been around for a long time, living in a form called meditation that has been often wrapped in the allure and mystery of Asia and the Middle East. But the Western world and science have kept up, and in some cases superseded the old methods of meditation that has bridged the gap between traditional difficult-to-learn methods with the ease of science and technological tools. Now everyone can learn the power of mind over matter and the methods for reaching that state has become startlingly easy. A combination of methods will help you reach a state of mental relaxation where the subconscious is accessible and transformable.

The root of the problem with a lot of our negative behavioural patterns and mindsets is down to the fact that our conscious mind has been sculpted by years of experience and teaching, based on sight and sound. Some of us have literally taught ourselves to be negative and be unsuccessful in life and be content with it. Why not set yourself free? Change your mindset and be a winner. That person is within you, and you can’t hear him because he is incarcerated in the self-built prisons of your conscious brain and your subconscious mind.

There are many methods for you to tap into the power of the mind and release the correct brain waves and frequency patterns that allow you to reach a state of acute intelligence, creativity and optimal ‘super’ learning. From yoga, to programmed meditation, hypnotism to technological wonders like magnetic field and binaural beats that stimulate the exact cortical and cerebral brain response – precise for optimal reprogramming and change.

There is no limit to what you can do with more brain power. These very same technologies are used to treat degenerative mind diseases like Parkinson’s and dementia. They are used to assist in the process of healing in difficult patients. They are used to cure acute depression and slowly cure behavioural problems like A.D.D and O.C.D. Children are now using it to enhance their learning and creativity at a young formative age so that their subconscious is programmed for such a heightened state for the rest of their lives.

If you can take even a fraction of such power and promise – imagine where you will be a few months down the road from now. Wherever it is, it surely is a better place then where you are now. So what do you have to lose? Learn the power of mind over matter today.

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