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Learn Mind Control Techniques Through Brainwave Entrainment

Posted by admin on 07 January 2009

Controlling your mind (or learning mind control) is essentially controlling your life and while everyone would like to have this power at their disposal, the truth is we are not born with the faculties to reach into the depths of our mind and place within out hands. The irony of the matter is we don’t have the mind power to control our mind – we are essentially being limited by ourselves and that is perhaps the stiffest competition anyone will ever face in the road to bettering themselves and personal development. This is why many people fail at kicking bad habits, new years resolutions end up as toilet paper and we remain the same dysfunctional person that everyone knows. We are up against ourselves, and most of the time, we win.

Which means we lose at the same time and the only way to do it is to separate ourselves from ourselves, and as confusing as that may seem, it means putting ourselves in a state that allows us to separate the subconscious from the conscious mind – splitting the dualities of the mind. Once we are able to achieve this then the playing field is level and we are able to reprogram ‘ourselves’ or our subconscious mind ‘the other us’ to stop blocking our road to success. I would akin this description to the whole Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde theory.

Once we are able to separate the conscious and the subconscious we are able to get rid of all the bad habits, bad instructions and bad pieces of patterned behaviour that has been placed within the subconscious – the very ones that have been ruling our lives. How do you achieve this? Well there are many ways. If you are a swami or a kung-fu expert, you can train your mind to split itself and go into a deep meditative state – which has the same effect as self-hypnosis. Once you are in that state, you are able to cleanse yourself of the bad nuggets of information in your mind.

Alas, not all of us have the ability to do that and for those normal people out there, science has stepped in and filled the gap that allows us to do the exact same thing. Names of this technology include the use of affirmations or positive message bombardment, autosuggestion or autogenics, binaural beats and subliminal messages. Each of these areas has the ability for us to reach into the subconscious mind and learn mind control techniques.

The most popular form of these mind control technology is brainwave entrainment and it uses forms and series of sounds and or visual stimulation to invoke the brain into specific frequency states – states that lull the brain into a meditative state and allows us to place messages and suggestive stimulants directly into the subconscious mind.

This means anything is possible, we can kick bad habits like smoking, and we can motivate ourselves to work harder and be more ambitious or be more confident or wipe away fear for public speaking. The applications number in the hundreds and you will surely find one that suits you – all when you learn the correct mind control techniques through brainwave entrainment.

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