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Inducing Different Types Of Brain Waves For Success

Posted by admin on 13 April 2009

The brain is capable of many forms of success, in super states where we are performing far beyond our normal capacities. Think, learn and act, these are the intangible talents that can receive a boost. Heal, grow, meditate and relax, these are some of the physical attributes that can be magnified with brain wave entrainment. The explanation is quite simple; the brain has billions of neurons existing within its intricate framework, acting as messengers to and from the various important parts of the brain. The messages are quite important, and they continue the body’s normal functions and routines as the day goes by.

Without these neurons, we would not be able to function normally; and this would mean that our brain would be an inert object, quite uselessly sitting as a dead crown within our anointed temple. When these neurons do communicate with one another, they release a burst of electromagnetic pulses, which travel along the nerve endings and into the information superhighway of the cerebral cortex. Science has discovered that these neurons also fire universal patterns with the brain and cause it to exist in different frequency states. Discovered a few years ago by sensitive electromagnetic equipment, scientists also discovered that these frequencies differed according to what state the body was in; sleep, rest, alert, walking  etc. With a bit more research, it was managed to be discovered that there a few distinct frequency ranges, namely the lower Alpha ranges all the way to SMR and Theta ranges.

Each of these ranges represented not only the state that the mind is in, but it also saw the brain existing in several super states. Lower frequency ranges were often associated with states of relaxation, of meditation, super learning, accelerated healing and a release of growth hormones. Higher states were often associated with functions like mental focus, overall concentration, levels of energy, states of elation, high adrenalin levels etc.

As you can see the application levels for this in the personal development industry can be enormous, and it became huge when it was discovered that sculptured sounds introduced to the ears in varying frequency allowed us to evoke the same frequency response in the cortical of the brain. This means that we can call up on any sort of super state that we wanted, whenever we wanted. This is the celebration of the potential of the human raced being realised in the one thing that sets us apart in the animal kingdom – technology.

Inducing the different types of brain waves for success is now all the more possible for consumers around the world, and because of the form of technology it is in – the CD, all one needs to do is to find a quiet corner and put on a pair of earphones. The power to enhance yourself is now in the hands of many, and you can be one yourself. Brainwave entrainment technology, also known as frequency evoking software and music, is available all over the internet, just make sure you get it from a trusted provider.

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