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Improving Your Life Using Deep Brain Simulation

Posted by admin on 08 November 2008

Sometimes we forget that we are the authors of our own life story. And as each page turns and each new chapter begins, we seem to notice one thing. Bad beginnings and unhappy endings in the anecdotes and dramas of our lives seem to appear without reason but it is still our hand that wields the pen. Negativity is the villain that rules our brains and we have the power to improve our lives using deep brain stimulation.

Much of deep brain stimulation occurs within the temporal lobe of the brain – the one that houses a very important little fellow – the primary audio cortex. Not only is it the key to human functions like speech and vision but it is also integral to memory control. Imagine this to be a sort of matrix that is highly sensitive to aspects of sound, frequency and wavelength. Ever heard a song or a particular sound which brings back a very clear and vivid memory? That is the temporal lobe at work. This process of mental association is very powerful and is the crown of many religious meditations and deep rumination within the brains consciousness.

Now how can this improve your life? Easily, is my astute answer! Every aspect of negativity in outlook, lack of drive and ambition, emotional dysphoria is a symptom of a brain that is no longer in our hands. Our subconscious has built a tangled nest of negativity and inertia within the super structure of our brain. Brain stimulation works to untangle this mess and eradicate it forever from the recesses of our minds. The ownership of the subconscious must be transferred back to the most obvious – us. Once you let it rule your life, you will notice that it will run astray and leave only a trail of off-putting earmarks in the annals of our existence.

There are many forms of deep brain stimulation – religious luminaries and mind experts use the power of meditation. However, if this is beyond us, then science has decided to step in and fill the cavernous gap left for the rabble of modern society. Magnetic field technology is one such example, presenting itself in equipment that runs this field over the temporal lobe (over specific areas and specific volumes). Using alternating signals, it can ‘switch on’ a meditatory experience – allowing us control over our subconscious mind.

Another one gaining popularity is the area of resonance and Binaural Beats. While the literature on this is complicated, I will give you a condensed version. Binaural Beats are brain responses to very low frequency sounds. These responses come in the form of neural rhythms that resonate within superior olivary nucleus(s) of our brain. These rhythms can induce a response that is similar to deep meditation and a precursor to subconscious management.

This means you have complete control over your brain and how it shapes your attitudes and outlooks in life. A fresh perspective and new drive is like a startling sunset or amazing colour in a drab painting – completely refreshing and truly inspiring. Technology and spirituality – it is a marriage made for your own personal heaven.

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