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Hypnosis to quit smoking

Posted by admin on 17 June 2010

The thing you need to realise about the whole concept of hypnosis to quit smoking is something that you need to perhaps rethink when you are trying to actually kick the habit. Now, when we are talking about the drug or nicotine, or the act of smoking, they are all placed under the category of an addiction, and it is the same as if you were over eating or perhaps getting on board some narcotics as well. Now the whole root of addiction is actually based on the fact that you do not look at the compound that you are addicted to, but how the mind actually translates these compounds or even the act of smoking into something of an act that the body seems to need.

One of the things that hypnosis tries to do when they are trying to get rid of the habit, is that they base their entire method on the fact that positive messages spoken directly to the subconscious mind, and this is the entire science that is behind the concept of hypnosis to quit smoking. Now, the problem with this is that there are two sides to the story, and the first side of the story is that when someone who is going to the hypnosis session, there is a desire and a belief that they want to quit smoking and that the method that they are going to employ would be one that would work.

Now with this, they will have a momentum where they are able to actually see some results, and sometimes, this has nothing to do with the fact that the hypnosis actually was working in the first place. At the end of the day, what you need to know is that this is only temporary and if you are looking at the whole picture of the kind of people that go in and out of these sessions is that they have to keep going back to ensure that they quit.

Now, also, there is a problem with the whole hypnosis thing, which is based on the fact that people believe that the subconscious will actually accept those messages in the first place, and that is not the case at all when you are talking about hypnosis, and there is no way you are going to measure this, and there is no way you are going to be able to track the changes.

This is why you have to look past things like hypnosis to quit smoking and concentrate on more justifiable scientific methods that can allow you to track your results and use the technology that is already inside your brain to generate some results. Some of these include subliminal technology and brainwave entrainment, things you really need to consider as useful to your whole outlook. So, always be on the look out for fresh and new ways that people are using to affect things like getting rid of their phobias and addictions, and these technologies are just some of those examples.

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