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How You Can Easily Increase Brain Power With Brainwave Entrainment Technology

Posted by admin on 11 April 2009

Increase brain power. Learn all you want. Stretch the potential of your mind and give yourself almost limitless power. Live your life to the fullest. These are the things that you can achieve with brainwave entrainment technology. Its name has been spread quite far and wide across the internet, and its benefits are well known; but what is this technology all about and exactly how can it boost the power of the human mind and give anyone the power and edge that they need to succeed in life.

This technology came about from the personal development industry working closely with medicine and science, to condense the current massive technologies of brain enhancement and bring it to the average consumer on the street. What this meant was the simple application of a complex science, packaged in an easy to use carrier and then sold to the masses; giving them empowerment to develop their mind and succeed in life. It was a magic formula based on many well known scientific models of brain induction and regressive therapy.

Autogenics, biofeedback and affirmation are some of the examples of the methods that have existed for a long time, together with some big machines like magnetic field induction and the Dream Machine (which utilises visual and auditory stimulation to induce the mind into a hypnotic state wherein the subconscious mind is more pliable to positive suggestion of direct messages, subliminal messages or visual stimulation for the purpose of therapy). These technologies were too complicated and complex in nature to be condensed into a satisfactory medium in which the average consumer could easily use. The answer was to look at the brainwave entrainment technology that had been around for a long time. This technology was based on the fact that the brain produces frequency ranges which were electromagnetic in nature.

This was of course from the internal chemical reactions in the brain, where the billions of neurons fire electro pulses as communication vessels for the different gateways within the nervous system in the cortex. Essentially, this meant that this was how the brain communicated within the sum of all its parts. But, there was also another level to this, in which the brain seemed to peak in certain functions based on the frequency ranges, where lower ranges meant that the brain could learn better, retain information, relax, subconscious programming could occur and in the higher ranges, there was a spike of mental focus, creativity and even coping with calculations and numbers.

Brainwave entrainment technology could evoke these frequencies; based on exactly what the individual wanted. The method of delivery was ingenious, using sculpted sounds embedded in meditative music and introduced to the left and right ear in different frequencies. The difference would be picked up by the cortical and evoked. If you need to retain information better, then you would evoke a low frequency difference in the ears and thus position the brain to be in that range. This is how anyone can easily increase brain power with brainwave entrainment technology.

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