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How Weight Loss Hypnosis Can Be Dangerous

Posted by admin on 27 April 2009

 There are many dangerous and proven aspects to using hypnosis to help you lose weight and this is because of the fact that the end user is toying around with the preconscious mind and placing messages that can have an adverse and much more magnified effect than what was originally desired. This article will explain why this is so and why you should avoid weight loss hypnosis in the bid to lose weight.

There are far better and much healthier alternatives when it comes to either using the power of the mind to avert bad habits like over eating or alternative methods for you to lose weight and look good. First of all, there is no guarantee that the hypnosis will actually work, based on the fact that the technology is quite blunt in its methodology of simply throwing in a few messages in the hope that the subconscious will respond that ingratiate it into a mental cycle.

This is the first step to a dangerous life because hope can be a lethal thing. Hope and frustration, turning to anger when the end user realises that the hypnotic therapies are not working and that they are still stuck within the cycle of over eating. One must understand that the technology behind this is quite rudimentary and that there are no measurable to speak of.

Also the medical and science industries do not support the use of such methods for weight loss because of the inherent emotional dangers when the so called methods do not work. They are often referred to as lethal placebos that can cause more emotional and psychological damage than anything else, and this gets even more dangerous when they actually do work.

For this to make sense let us look at the nature of the subconscious mind, which by itself, is a sort of relay and recording of all the instructions absorbed by the brain. It carries out all the normal psychological and physiological functions of the human body and has a script on how it should behave and how it should react to certain circumstances. In essence, it is a logbook and a guidebook to the make up of an individual and all of his or her foibles.

So when you do add in an extra instruction that tells the body to react badly to food or limit how much to eat, this can become part of the matrix of the individual and can be dangerous because it becomes a self replicating instruction that cannot be stopped. If they realise too late, they can easily become anorexia or contract any one of the many eating disorders that can lead to psychological problems, malnutrition and in some worst-case scenarios, death.

This is how weight loss hypnosis can be extremely dangerous and it is not an exaggeration. If you are looking for brain enhancing methods to stave off bad habits, you should look at something like brainwave entrainment; a far more suitable option and in the end of the day, a far safer one.

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