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How to Use Your Mind Powers to Get What You Want

Posted by admin on 07 November 2008

You know you can do something if you put your mind to it. But what does that maxim even mean? How do you ‘put your mind to it’? Sometimes concentrating too hard can give you a headache. You get creative blocks, you come up blanks and at the end of the day, you throw your hands up in frustration and curse who ever had thought up the saying. But wait. What if I told you there is a way you can train to use your mind for specific purposes, that you can bend it to your will – use your mind powers to get what you want.

You have an exam around the corner. Your books are piled higher than Mount Vesuvius and about as ready to explode in your face. Stress levels build up and you hear your heart thumping to a funeral drum beat hard in your chest. You start to sweat, despair sets in and you see your whole education and money spent flash before your eyes. Images of begging in the gutter drinking moonshine come to mind and suddenly your body warns you of an impending overload and system crash.

Does even one of those things ring a bell? Every one of us, unless of course you are a swami constantly meditating under a tree, has had experiences of some sort in relation to emotional stress and breakdown. The mind shuts down and you are operating on reserve adrenaline. You can get out of this cycle and use your mind to power your desires.

The brain gives out electromagnetic waves in set patterns (usually in specific frequency ranges) and science has recognised that each wave pattern opens up a specific state for the body. Like those who have expert control over deep meditation sometimes can go into alpha and theta states – states which are extremely good for learning and reprogramming of the sub conscious.

Our subconscious languishing within the recesses of our thoughts is the culprit here. It is simply an unthinking servant of the conscious mind that both does what it is told and reacts to situations based on past reactions and emotions associated with a particular event. Without getting too deeply into it, there is a whole slew of information about why the subconscious does this – but all you need to know is that you have to reprogram it.

Reprogramming your brain to various states now has become extremely easy with the amount of dedication and technology that has been driving this area of personal development. From yoga to engineered sound and binaural beats, you can invoke the power of your brain and task it to produce a specific brainwave entrainment associated with learning, intelligence, creativity or even one to get you out of a cycle of depression.

The possibilities are endless and all you need is some time to research and a belief in yourself. The benefits are priceless when compared to just reading a self-help book or listening to some uplifting CD. Change your life now – because you can.

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