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How to Unlock the Subconscious Mind and Access Your Full Potential

Posted by admin on 15 February 2009

The inner mind resides in all of us and we often go through life not knowing that it is even there. The shocking thing is that all of us go through the existence that we have been given on this earth only using a percentage of our potential. Now, previously in history, this cannot be helped, the majority of the world did not know that they could achieve states of super mind power by unlocking the subconscious mind. Those who did inadvertently stumble across this power did not know what they were doing. They related their experience as more of divine intervention, using archaic words and even more antiquated explanations.

These people were revered and were said to be gods among men. They were kings, priests, advisors to the greats – luminaries that stood out in history. While not all of us are borne with super abilities or with the tools to unlock them, things have changed over the past few years and science and technology has allowed even the average man or woman on the street to achieve the same potential as the greats. How does this work? Well it is all down to the subconscious mind. How our brain works is that we go through life with the conscious mind at the forefront.

It is the shield against our relatively vulnerable mind and senses. It filters information through defences like critical thinking, rationale, thought processes, morality and decision making. The subconscious mind is incapable of doing all these simply because it simply follows and instructs the rest of the mind to carry out the functions of the human body, reactions, and physiological functions as dictated by our rational thought processes. For example if we see someone getting murdered, or an act of robbery being committed in front of us by someone us, we feel fear, sometimes we decide to go in out of a feeling of righteousness and justice, or we just stand back.

How we act is based on how we were brought up and the moral consciousness that resides within us. Our rationale mind will tell us that the situation is dangerous and we should not rush in. We feel fear, nervousness, anxiety and sometimes have no idea what to do. The conscious mind is telling the subconscious that these are what you must feel. And voila, the subconscious; based on what it knows tells the cortex of the brain to evoke the chemical reactions to pump in adrenalin into our body, make us feel fear and even make us sweat. What if we were raised in a life of crime or were a hardened criminal? Our reactions would be totally different.

Do you see how powerful the subconscious is? The only way that we can unlock the true potential of the power of our mind is if we can reach out under the awareness and dip our fingers into the subconscious. Addictions will disappear and fears will vanish – all because the subconscious has been given a new set of instructions. This is how we unlock the subconscious mind and access your full potential.

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