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How to Train Your Subconscious Mind for Massive Success

Posted by admin on 06 November 2008

Your subconscious mind is the machine that drives you – mind, body and soul. It takes direction from the conscious part of your mind and then dutifully carries out its function – to the letter. Who we are, what we do, and how we act are all down to our subconscious. Imagine the power that has, strung by something so intangible that no modern machine can detect. It is the spirit of our cerebral cortex, the divine rod, so to speak that guides us along our human lives. What if I told you that you could train your subconscious mind and focus it to give you massive success?

You can. People all over the world have been subjecting themselves to science or more spiritual solutions to bend the iron gates of the conscious mind and place their delicate hands upon the subconscious. You are basically changing the threads that make you who you are, weaving them around – a reprogramming so to speak. You are up against a whole lifetime of conditioning and with the proper techniques and application; you can reprogramme and rebuild your subconscious till it becomes a natural part of your life.

Have you ever had someone say something like “I think you subconsciously just don’t like doing this”? No matter how hard you try to do something for good benefit, you seem to recoil, building a progressive inertia and a distaste for it. This can be changed; your entire attitude can be transformed and you will find life has become a lot easier and meaningful for you.

I’m sure by now you might be asking how do I do this? Well there are many methods on the market and many companies who specialise in this area of deep brain stimulation. The secret is to trick and subdue the mind into a deep meditative state, where the mind is relaxed and the usual defences are down. Once that can be achieved, then the subconscious is more malleable and then the reprogramming can begin. Breathing techniques are very important here and some companies use this with a combination of a sealed floatation tank to create a sense of peace and glide the person into a deep meditative state.

This is the same technology that drives medical research into healing Parkinson’s Disease, or curing amnesia and dementia. It also has been researched and applied extensively as an aid to accelerate cures and promote better well being in chronic patients. The state of mind is a powerful thing and it can move worlds within us. With applied technology like magnetic fields and the use of sound frequencies for cortical stimulation are just some of the areas you can explore.

So next time, when you have a headache, it may be quite possible for you to not need any aspirin at all. All you might need to do is simply change the state of your mind. Almost every problem can be slowly eroded away or improved with a mind that believes there is nothing it cannot overcome.

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