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How to not get into a hypnotic trance

Posted by admin on 18 June 2010

Now there is a reason for this unusual title, and we will be explaining this quite soon. In essence, the reason that this article is titled such is for the simple reason that we are not supporting the use of hypnotism to improve your mental stature, and this is because of several reasons that we are going to get into here. For one thing, there is no such thing as a hypnotic trance, and what ever you have heard about hypnotism has been cheesed up by pop culture, popular TV and of course, by reading on them by books written by people who are trying to sell their own hypnotic techniques.

Now, this has been going on for a long time and it is time to place a stop on this, in the sense that there are much better ways out there for you to actually get into the whole game of mental and self improvement, and if you just have a quick look on the internet, what you can see is really one of the most interesting things about the whole hypnotic thing is that the literature on this subject is quite backwards, and the one thing that you would notice about this, is that there is nothing new about the whole technology.

The people who are actually touting this method of mental improvement are just resting their laurels on simple methodologies and tried and tested techniques, and they have run past their due date when compared to the new technologies that have risen about these past few years. Hypnotism is old, and there is nothing much to say about it except that it is not measurable, there are less and less people who are advocating it, there is no way to track and there are no deliverables on the whole process that you can see at all. For one thing, if you compare this to something like – let’s say – brainwave entrainment, then you have a horse of a different colour right there.

What you will get is a method where you can actually track the brainwave patterns in your head and use specific scientific engineered beats to bring about the functions of the mind that allow you to improve the very aspects of your being. And they are not limited to just your own subconscious, you can increase your growth hormone levels, you can heal yourself faster, you can improve your creative levels, acuity, focus and even learn better – and the good thing about this is that more and more people are benefitting from this technology in every way possible.

So in every sense of the word, you need to snap yourself out of the hypnotic trance that you are in and wake up to the new levels of technology that you would be able to take advantage of. In the end of the day, you will be able to realise a new you in a matter of weeks and become a better person.

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