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How Changing Brain Wave Patterns Can Be Good For You

Posted by admin on 19 December 2008

The message in this article title is a bit daunting. It is a strong statement that typifies the conjecture of someone who is literally insane. The brain should be left as it is and in our dull, mortal hands, there should not be an opportunity where we should be changing anything. It is like opening the hood of a V8 Ferrari with no knowledge of cars. We end up doing worse things to the sleek machine that has been so dependent for the past decades and soon it will be chugging along the expressway – with fire spouting from under the hood.

But don’t be shocked, the power to improve your life is the power to change how the brain works. We are only using a percentage of the potential of the mind in everything that we do and it is time to give ourselves the unfair advantage that we have always wanted in life. Learn better, think faster and be all that you can be – just by changing brainwave patterns. It can be extremely good for you in that it can achieve amazing potential.

The science behind it is quite complex, but in a nutshell, brainwave entrainment is invoking a cortical response from the brain in the form of frequencies. Science and medicine has discovered that the brain morphs into a super entity in differing frequency states, the neurons and chemical reactions react like a wave against a rock, changing the shape for a brief moment so that it is in a form that is able to learn more, absorb more, focus better, think more creatively or sink into a deep, relaxed state. The potential power of this technology is immense and its applications are extreme. One of the states is called the ‘reprogramming’ state, in which the brain’s normal defences are placed in negation for a moment and the subconscious is exposed. This allows for the end user, with the use of regression techniques like positive message insertion, to kick certain bad habits.

Smoking, over eating, addiction to drugs and even afflictions like OCD and ADD/ADHD are able to be treated and turned around. The most addictive drug of all is subconscious persuasion and we are like puppets on a string when it comes to that part of the mind. Resistance is overly difficult and sometimes futile because we are trained into action by the subconscious mind.

The only way that we can break our bad habits is by reprogramming the subconscious and removing the addiction directly from the brain. The brain then can tell the rest of the body that you don’t need to smoke or you don’t need to eat again. The power of positive thinking can also be used in the medical field as a placebo to the healing process. Science has discovered that a happier more euphoric person will heal better, the chemical reactions and release of certain endorphins aid in improving the body’s immune system. With so many applications for this technology, I’m you sure can see how changing brain wave patterns can be good for you.

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