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How Brainwave Technology Can Boost the Power of The Human Mind

Posted by admin on 09 April 2009

The power of the human mind is an element that we have no grasp over. For a long time, we did not have any means to measure the power of the mind, and we cannot even be sure of how much we are using in the first place. Since the early 1960s, it was believed that the human mind was a huge mystery and we as individuals in a race were using only about a third of the power of the mind. Science was assured in its belief that there was plenty of untapped potential of the mind, and this was boosted by the presence of psychics and fortune tellers, who were known to be able to activate areas of the mind that seemed inert in many human beings.

From these urban legends and theories in science, came a very important discovery: Brainwaves. Our brains produce these frequencies on a daily basis, at every second and at every minute of the day. Chemical reactions within the billions of neurons in the cortex release electromagnetic radiation in the form of pulses that can be picked up by sensitive equipment. While it was all fine and good in the first place, science at first believed that this was only a mere communication system that the brain had set up so that the different halves and areas of the bran could co ordinate with each other.

But what they did not know was that these neurons, especially in the cortical of the brain, was also producing frequency ranges (electromagnetic), that existed as universal constants within the brain. Not to get too technical in detail of the way they are produced, as this article does not allow the space, these frequency read outs were based on how alert or how asleep we were. As can be predicted, when we are asleep or in a state close to that, we will experience low frequency ranges, and when we are awake or in an activity that releases adrenalin (walking, running etc), our brain releases frequency ranges that are much, much higher. How does this benefit us?

Well simple. Each of these frequency ranges were discovered to be associated with a super state of the mind. Low frequency range saw higher levels of mental absorption and learning, a great feeling of euphoria, mediation, mental relaxation, higher levels of healing in the body and a release of growth hormones. Higher levels of frequency ranges were then placed with some very interesting spikes in mental focus, concentration, creativity, learning of languages and even areas of calculation and problem solving. These higher levels fluctuated with the brainwaves given off, and only recently, technology like brainwave entrainment was developed to take advantage of the brains own internal improvement mechanism. Using sound waves, these technologies can evoke the exact frequency ranges associated with a super state that we want to evoke. In the form of CDs, these were not mere personal development tools, but the ability to boost the power of the human mind.

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