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How Binaural Beats Can Change Your Life

Posted by admin on 25 February 2009

There are billions and billions of neurons in your brain communicating with each other on a daily basis using electrical impulses sent through a network of nerves and channels within the cerebral cortex and hemispheres of the brain. The level of activity when looked through a scope is quite amazing – the brain never rests, even when you are asleep it produces these chemical reactions at a constant rate. Brain doctors have been studying the very essence of these communication channels of the brain and have discovered that these chemical reactions and radiations all form something of a bigger picture within the brain.

What was seen as a diaspora and almost random network of pulses and chemical reactions actually was the brain working in concert. Hidden within these seemingly random electromagnetic wavelength produced by these chemical reactions in the cortical of the brain was actually sustained frequencies that sensitive equipment used by science has been able to pick up. At first, it was split up into two ranges of wavelengths – the higher wavelengths that were associated for when the person was awake, and the shorter wavelengths for moments when a person was either asleep or unconscious.

As the technology began to get more and more advanced, it was discovered that within these two broad categories, there were even more, compartmentalised frequency wavelengths. They were named from Delta (lower frequency wavelengths) to Beta (higher frequency wavelengths). In between are Theta, Alpha and SMR (sensorimotor rhythm). The interesting thing was that science had discovered that within each of the states, the brain was capable of certain abilities that would not be normally accessible to us. These were super states of mental and physical capabilities, from super learning, increased mental focus and even states where the body could go into accelerated healing. Then came the realisation that we had the power to improve ourselves if we could just find the technology to bring about these states whenever we wanted.

Through years of research, mind and frequency experts found that through the proper auditory stimulation using engineered sounds, the cortical in the brain could be forced to invoke the relative frequency states. This technology was called binaural beats, using embedded frequency engineered sounds within another medium (usually music). Formed from the fact that the brain reacts by emitting an electrical charge when presented with a stimulus through the ears, eyes and nose – called a cortical evoked response -, this technology was able to narrow down the exact frequencies needed to evoke a similar response in the brain.

This rapidly growing field has allowed many people to increase their potential and change their lives by increasing their mental capacities, creativity and inject more zest into their lives. Whatever you need to do, kick a bad habit, prepare for an exam, a presentation or even slip into a state of supreme relaxation, binaural beats can help you to achieve these objectives. Join the thousands of people who have changed their lives through this technology and unlock your potential today.

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