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Healing with sound – the basics

Posted by admin on 05 June 2010

Healing with sound – the basics

We really need to look at the many dimensions that this topic can be approached, and to think about it, the whole concept of healing with sound has been around for a long time now. One thing that you need to know about is how you are going to best use this to your advantage and what kind of mediums you can use to affect the same responses in yourself. Of course this is not the case of any old sound that can be used to affect the whole healing process, and one thing that you must know is that all of this came from the simple fact that sounds is one thing that you really need to know about as a magical substance that can almost achieve anything. It almost like how smell can be so powerful that it brings you right back into a situation.

Now, the root of this industry came from the very fact of the effects of music and how it has made a difference in the lives of many people in the world today. If one were to notice, we could almost say that the human body is one giant tuning fork, and we need to start to take advantage of that. Now, of course this all depends on the physiology of the person and the kind of history they have with the music. Someone who grew up listening to rock might say that when they are exposed to rock music, they find themselves much more at ease, but the current technology of sound goes much, much deeper than this.

What this means is that we are going down to a molecular level of sound, in this case, allowing all of us to realise how the brain is the one master and commander of how the body functions and what kind of healing processes would be best be placed in this whole philosophy here. In every sense of the word, sound plays a major role within the human brain and this is down to the cortical of the mind, deep within the cerebrum of the mind that actually is able to pick up sound that is super or sub sonic, which means that normal human ears cannot be able to pick them up.

Now, when thinking about this, what you need to know about is that the brain exists in certain electromagnetic states in frequencies, and the one thing that is similar in the case of sound, is that it also exists in the whole frequency stage as well, so where does that leave us? This means that there are specific states of frequency that changes the brain and tells it to peak. One of these frequencies is responsible for the whole healing process and this is what we really need to zero in on. So all we need to do to be able to do this is to use the power of sound, and in this case, the power of binaural beats, that help us heal with sound.

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