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Harnessing Your Mind Power to Get What You Want

Posted by admin on 05 November 2008

There is no doubt that your mind is the most powerful tool a human being can ever possess. If your heart is the engine, your mind is the drive behind it and it can lead you to places you would never have imagined possible. Mind power has been documented for thousands of years, from French monks to modern day proponents of mental power – the utilisation of the secret potentials within the electro-pulse storms within the deep recesses of our brain. I will tell you now for a fact that your mind is your own personal genie, with the ability to give you all you wish for – you just have to find away to unleash that potential.

You are fighting against years of built up negative thoughts, mental processes and experiences that add to that ever looming wall within your mind. This barrier’s architect is your subconscious, which absorbs all the negativity that you have and fashions it into a fortress that is limiting you from tapping into your mind’s true power and realising your true potential. How you react to your job, how you view life is all affected by how you think. Outlook is the key word here, and changing your outlook does not necessarily require a life changing dramatic occurrence to happen. Why wait for the fantastic and the likely improbable – make your own change and embrace it, it is the only way that you can be all you can be.

The modern world brings with it modern solutions and keys that can unlock the brain, held captive in a subconscious jail cell of your own making. Not all of us can execute a deep meditation manoeuvre that monks or mind experts can do, and hypnotism is just too risky. Would you place your most powerful possession in the hands of someone you don’t know – for them to do what they will with?

Harness the power of sound. Your brain is like an ultra sensitive object that reacts greatly to sound. Specific sounds, engineered to hit a note with the brain – bypassing the web of subconscious and piercing the core to produce endorphins and excite neurotransmitters. These chemical chain reactions produce a sterile state for the brain to meditate, relax and focus – getting rid of all the negative subconscious barriers and leaves you empowered.

Suddenly you live like you never have. Life seems to ebb and pulse with new promise. Everything becomes clearer and you see your life in all its rich tapestry and possibilities. Ambition, drive, happiness – all would seem like a drink of fresh water in a desert.

There are so many systems, stimulation apparatus, tapes and even classes that allow you to release yourself from your greatest enemy: you. You need this – we all do, the world has been draped with a veneer of negativity that we must unveil and walls of melancholic discontent we must shatter. Your brain is the sharpest sword and the most powerful hammer. Use them now.

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