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Harness the Power of Your Subconscious Mind with Brainwave Entrainment

Posted by admin on 16 December 2008

The subconscious mind is the intangible controlling entity that exists below the planar existence of conscious awareness. It operates deep inside the cortex of the mind and is said to have a level of awareness that is not perceivable by any sort of instrumentation, and only late in the 21st century was science able to identify where in the cortex it is said to operate. The forefathers of this term were Pierre Janet and Sigmund Freud who were the early investigators of the mind and all its forms. Early methods of influencing the subconscious included the use of affirmation prayer and positive thinking to influence the mind for a positive outcome.

In the medical industry, psychologists use the power of methods like autosuggestions and autogenics; which is essentially the training of the subconscious to accept as true messages or mental associations through the use of self-induced hypnotism. The subconscious is then allowed to absorb these stimulations and thus get ‘reprogrammed’.

This has been used extensively to treat disorders like ADHD, ADD, autism, Alzheimer’s, Hodgkin’s disease and even serious forms of addiction. The method is using a bombardment of thoughts and suggestions to the individuals mind until it is bent into a sort of iron belief or automatic response – telling someone that they should stop smoking over and over again and presenting horrid images of cancer (associated with smoking) is one method of autogenics. This is fairly intricate in its execution and is not viable for the average consumer, more likely to be placed in an uncomfortable controlled environment for the experimentation to succeed.

Other forms of brainwave entrainment also include magnetic fields, bio feed backs – forms which are also not consumer level products. Thankfully many companies have been producing CD’s or subliminal music laced with binaural beats -  a great way to induce the right frequency states in the brain through the use of variable frequency engineered sound that is beyond human range. In this form, the technology is now available for the average consumer who is interested in personal development. While technically discovered in the 1800’s by one Heinrich Wilhelm Dove, it has been refined by years of research and scientific enhancements. Mapping of the human brain and its various frequency states only occurs recently and thus the two technologies were combined to become one of the most powerful self-improvement tools since the discovery of meditation.

Being able to evoke frequencies that range from below 1 to 40 Hz can produce a wide range of health benefits from higher mental activity, overcoming of fear, and increase in confidence, change of behavioural patterns and increase cognitive powers.  One of the better applications of brainwave entrainment is the evocation of the theta and alpha waves, which slips the mind into a deep relaxed state that is akin to a meditative state – a prime state in which one can influence the sub conscious to kick negative habits, improve behaviour and increase ambition and drive for life. With binaural beats and sound, you can harness the power of your subconscious mind with brainwave entrainment.

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